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Tagora 1... find another one!

In 1978, Peugeot paid 1 $ to Chrysler to take over the entire European package from the ailing American manufacturer. Oh yes: part of the deal was that Peugeot also took over the debt.

But on the plus side were the factories in England, Scotland, France in Spain. And the Sunbeams, Horizons, Avenger, Solara and Alpine models. Minnetjes was that the reputation and image of those models was roughly like that of the Duo Geer & Goor.

But at the very bottom of the treasury lay the plans for the push through to the High Segment. Chrysler's dream come true in Europe: the Tagora.

TAGOra5That status project was born under the name Talbot, which was again taken from the mothballs, as Talbot Tagora. It was a tjalk of a car, designed in England and equipped with the 2.2 liter four-burner from the former Chrysler 2 liter. Kantje bord the car to meet its status was made suitable for the 2,7 liter V6 from the Peugeot 604.

The appearance of the whole was ... let's just say 'modest'.

Only 23.400 was built in four years. These have been Europe-wide Tagoras sold 16 on a daily basis. And of course Europe was even smaller then, but still.

In the meantime, Peugeot was too busy closing the Linwood factory in Scotland and redesigning the 309 to pay a lot of attention to the Tagora. Not much later the curtain fell for the gloriously reborn Talbot.

Tagora2Perhaps the purchase price of 1 $ would have been on the high side.

Nobody wanted a Tagora. And that was right in his times. The car should never have been on the market. But in 1981 too, a lot of management was already completely detached from reality.

The Tagoras were made between 1981-1884, Tagoras had an 2,2 liter four in line or the 2,7 liter V6 from Peugeot 604. The production amounted to 23.400 copies.

If you find a copy now, there is a good chance that you are the second owner and that the car is ZGAN. All other copies have already been recycled a few times and now function as a frying pan in your kitchen or scaffolding pipe for your renovation.


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