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  • Impression: Volkswagen Transporter T3 1.9

    Volkswagen Transporter T3 1.9. An impression.

    Michel Verhaag's Volkswagen Transporter T3 was driven by the undersigned for various purposes. For example, the VW served as a parts carrier on the way to classic car events. And if your own transport was not sufficient to transport large items, there was no obstacle to getting the Bus on loan. High time Read more

  • Fiat Panda 1000. Driving a cool little giant
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    Fiat Panda 1000. Driving a cool little giant

    Tjerk Binnema has been fascinated by Italian cars for decades. He and his brother have a respectable collection of beautiful exotics. Despite this, Tjerk expanded the collection to the other side of the Italian spectrum. His wife Evelyn has wonderful memories of the Fiat Panda, and then Tjerk on a clock-in-cool copy Read more

  • Driving with a rarity: the Fiat 133

    Fiat 133 – driving with a smile

    In 1974 Fiat importer Leonard Lang brought the Seat 133 to the Netherlands. The Spanish successor of the Seat 850, the licensed model of the Fiat 850, debuted in our country as the Fiat 133. The new little one was between the 126 (with two-cylinder engine in the rear) and the successful – and modern – Read more

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    Honda CRX 1.4 16V. Rare coupe fun

    From 1987 to 1992 Honda had the second generation of the CRX on the program. At the time, you saw the coupé regularly on the Dutch and Belgian roads. Today, a beautiful specimen is a rarity. And that applies completely to the CRX with the 1.4 sixteen-valve engine. Exactly that execution reason Read more

  • Jaguar Sovereign 4.0 LWB … Smooth Operator – drive with a smile

    Jaguar Sovereign 4.0 LWB … Smooth Operator – drive with a smile

    Say “X300” and the connoisseur will know it is the fifth Jaguar XJ generation, built from 1994 to 1997. The executive Jag came on the market in several versions. One of the top versions in the range was the Daimler Sovereign trim level. For example, it was regularly ordered in combination with a long wheelbase. It was also possible to order the extended Edelbrit as a Jaguar Sovereign. And we had the opportunity to drive precisely this version. A masterful executive, which is equipped with the blissful 4.0 liter six-in-line engine.
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