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foto1It seemed to be quiet for a while about the foundation, with which Wouter van Embden and his team are fighting to maintain the motor vehicle tax exemption as it is today. Nothing is less true. Auto Motor Klassiek was already witnessing a month-long process of collecting and investigating data. Because where the 'old-timer alliance' went wrong, the foundation must now succeed. So good preparation is important.

All preparations have resulted in a 27-page document, containing all the facts and of course the arguments! That file is with lawyer Prof. Mr. Barkhuysen. He will take the whole legal review and will make changes here and there. He will review the legal content and refine our conclusions where necessary.

And then the time has finally come to provide the members of the First and Second Chamber with a personal copy of the manifest, in which the improper conduct of the government and the incorrect numerical basis of this policy are demonstrated.

How will it go on?
Only after Budget Day and the presentation of the tax plan for 2014, which also includes the agreement of the 'oldtimer alliance' and the Ministry of Finance, do the debates start and the content can be adjusted by means of motions and amendments. “That is also the right time to expose the inadequacy of the old-timer paragraph. We ensure that our file will be in the hands of all MPs in time so that they can judge this time on the basis of complete and correct information about this element in the tax plan. It is of course not yet possible to predict exactly how it will all develop afterwards. ” Said Wouter van Embden.

And you? What else can you do?
Support is important, now more than ever. Because the battle for the MRB exemption is about to begin. Only now! Auto Motor Klassiek supports the ideas of the foundation from the start, but it is important that you do the same. If you have not registered yet, do so now. Just as important are the donations. A fight like this costs money. And in the end, the entire old-timer world gets that money back and forth. We are convinced of that. Support via


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  1. The big problem is mainly the German diesels from the 70s and 80s, mainly from Mercedes, which are used every day. As long as they are eliminated, the biggest problem that rightly annoys people in The Hague has largely been resolved. Then the rest can just keep driving. Mercedes drivers are generally not car enthusiasts pur-sang, and this group has ruined it for the real oldtimer enthusiasts who only drive the oldtimer as a hobby; we are now reaping the bitter fruits of this.

  2. I have always learned: Once given is given.
    And like many of these measures, the '' savings '' is again very disappointing. So don't do it and let all oldtimer drivers enjoy their hobby, which also generates money for the government!

  3. if the money is nearly spent, every little bit will help. they just come up with some other suction tactics… unless it is proven that it causes more damage than it does, I keep my head down. money they already have their claws in (even if it is virtual) they do not just let go. only when they notice that too little is sticking to their claws do they come up with something new. seldom had such a villainous and dishonest government as long as I live! They used to do it secretly but this government is stealing what you are watching!

  4. I hope Mr. Barkhuysen will not only examine it, but will also actually come up with valid arguments, because I fear that the bill of millions will be ready before the third Tuesday ...

  5. I hope Mr. Barkhuysen will not only examine it, but will also actually come up with valid arguments, because I fear that the bill of millions will be ready before the third Tuesday ...

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