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What is this recurring nonsense with 'babes' and motorcycles? There are even special sections in the media about your brand while roaming around in media land. Young, and very unsafely dressed and certainly near a motorcycle. Being unsafely dressed is an item in motorcycle land, I have been approached about it several times this summer. Not by the police, but by fellow motorcyclists. And when I pointed out to them the neatly repaired damage below the building line of my shorts, they immediately shuddered. And those scantily clad Beeps? They usually look at you longingly. But they don't call or email you. So they don't miss you that seriously.

And then just that name: “Beeps”. The phenomenon seems to be designed for non-motorcycle riding accomplices and, we actually think, is also misogynistic. The link with the sad lonely men search became clear to us when we received a lot of hits on an article that talked about a 'top model' and a 'naked top model'. On the search terms 'naked' and 'top model'. Are you sitting there with your pants around your ankles? And then you get to see a few motorcycles... The idea that Beeps have added value was recently refuted when a friendly HD freak enjoyed a stack of motorcycle magazines brought from the US of A. He became quite irritated when he saw a young lady who had draped herself on, over and around a custom bike and, with her silicone curves, had to be the dream woman of all airbag fetishists.

“That person is standing in front of the carburetor! Do you understand that now? How can I tell what kind of carburetor is on it?” Jeffrey shouted angrily. So things like that. To show that I move in all circles, I mention that there was also someone who held up a photo of a motorcycle and a Beep while he mumbled: “Look, that's a beautiful girl”. As a realist, I corrected him: “It is not a beautiful child, it is a photoshopped representation of a youth with spray-on lips and breasts, you idiot.”

The women I know in the motorcycle world, even from my past, are actually of all types, ages and interests. From loosely relaxed to neatly groomed or hard core lesbian. But they are not “Beeps”.

They're just real people.

And that is something to be happy about.

And that some are photogenic, but real and dressed? Of course, that's the story of each example weakening the argument. The photo of Mikes Lief proves this.

That wasn't posing. She just wanted to try on the Guzzi
This BSA brochure from 68 is not sexist. What's wrong with it is that the man is wearing white clothing


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  1. Every time I return to my parked motorcycle, my disappointment is phenomenal again:
    No hot beeps draped on, over or even near my motorcycle 😢
    I have tried with various brands, but it doesn't work.
    Do any of you know a hot car brand/model where I have a better chance of success, because riding a motorcycle makes no sense to me this way 🤣🤣🤣

  2. Oh well... My motorcycle career started with an action from my love. A card showing a voluptuous, leather-clad lady on one of those motorcycles idling while idling: “Potato,… potato potato potato…” with a note stuck to it for 50 rock-solid and now memorable Dutch florins for my first motorcycle driving lesson. The lady did catch my attention a bit. I know, I'm weak. Rub it in. But it's about the engine. With that realization and that sincere attitude, everything would be fine for me. A 'beeps' on the back? I've never actually done that. I give others the pleasure instead 😉. I went for the motorcycle, thanks to my love.

  3. Hardcore lesbian here..
    So it irritates me too.
    A beautiful engine is a beautiful engine.
    There is no need for almost naked ladies to be draped over it as far as I'm concerned...

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