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Wammes, the new dogWhen people see that another dog is walking near your classic, the question nowadays is automatically: “Does it come true RomaniaPoland Bosnia, Spain or Slovenia?"

No, just: from Doetinchem. But dogs from the Achterhoek also bark in their own dialect.

We understand the pathetic factor of dogs from countries where it is just as obvious to hit your dog as your wife. We also feel sorry for the people who try to cross the Mediterranean, but we also have a tendency to get them all in the house.

In the meantime, the export of dogs from those countries has become big business. And there is often a mega collection of risks for the potential buyer. After all, it's about money, not about animal welfare.

So if you are considering the purchase of a 'used' dog, then we simply advise you to visit your local shelter. At least there you have a healthy dog, where loving connoisseurs can give you honest information about the four-legged friend in question.

And they do that in a heart-warming way. Read below to see how 'Nico' is displayed:

“What a fantastic guy, that Nico, but what a past he has known. The people who have had to give up this beautiful Malinois have received it as part of their household effects. The owner for these people kept him as a kennel dog and tried to train him to become a packer with puncture tape and the like. Now this really is not in his character and with that the entire training has been for nothing. Nico is too gentle and too fond of people. It did, however, lead to it and this was also a reason to bring him to us, that Nico reacted strongly to the neighbor. Other strangers are no problem for him, and it can only be guessed why this lady was a red piece for our companion.
asylum dogAs things like this are going, we had an extensive behavioral report drawn up before the dog could come and this shows that he is a very nice, friendly and work-oriented dog and that's how we got to know him. Nico is, but he has not been with us that long, which is uncertain in a new environment and that means that he has to be guided in the right way from the outset. This requires a boss who has experience with dogs, preferably of this breed, who knows how to manage in a calm, consistent and decisive manner. Nico can go with children, but we prefer not to place him with young children.
asylum dogBecause Nico has always lived in a kennel, it is uncertain whether he can easily settle in a home situation. Behind the counter, so indoors and in the company of people, he behaves exemplary. You can also see how thoughtful and people he is. He may be somewhat intrusive and compelling in his contact with man, but he can be corrected in this. Ultimately, we expect that he can learn to live well in a home environment.
All in all he is a fantastic Malinois, but not suitable for the starting dog boss ”.

As classic enthusiasts, we also recommend a dog in a somewhat dark and mixed color scheme. That is less contagious in the garage.

Want to know more about the current Achterhoek animal shelter range?

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