BMW 518 E28. Modest and very beautiful Fünfer

The five series from BMW. Often, and rightly so, it is associated with smooth running and powerful Reihen-Sechs engines. Especially when it comes to a 5-series from the pre-downsize era. Much less often they are associated with four-cylinder engines with a displacement of less than 2000 cc. Yet there was a BMW 518 on the program for years. This was also the case with the E28 series, which succeeded the E1981 in 12.

The E28 was also more than a technical development of the E12. For example, the chassis was extensively modified, and weight savings were also achieved through new production methods. The E28 was a child of its time, in which aerodynamics and electronics began to play a greater role. Today you will no longer find these technical highlights of BMW on every corner of the street. But sometimes you come across a very nice copy.

Beautiful BMW 518 from 1983

On this page a beautiful 518 BMW 1983 adorns the columns. He actually kind of steals the show. Catawiki is currently auctioning a very decent condition E28 with the relatively modest 1766 cc engine. A beautiful car, with fine classic lines depicting a Bahamabeige metallic body. The E28 is now classic, at the same time it is still extremely representative and recognizable as a BMW.

37 candles

It is clear that this BMW 518 has been well looked after. This E28 was registered in Belgium on October 17, 1983, so tomorrow it will blow out 37 candles. The original owner installed a radio cassette player and also had a right wing mirror fitted. Those extras found their way into a car that was ordered in a tasty color scheme, the brown-cloth interior fits perfectly and, like the modest Fünfer, is still in excellent condition. The design of the interior is typical of the BMW of those years: rather sporty, and little disturbing frills.

M10 Carburettor engine

Although a 1983 cc injection engine was already available for export markets in 1766, this BMW 518 was ordered with the M10 1766cc with electronically controlled Pierburg 2BE downdraft register carburettor and transistor ignition. The carburettor engine was also reserved for the 1984 until the summer of 518. The rest of the E28 range received injection from the outset. The power source in this BMW 518 was coupled to a Getrag four-speed gearbox. With this powertrain, the BMW 518 covered only 37 kilometers in 86.277 years, and probably in peace. This power source was not chosen for performance purposes, but mainly to enjoy the fine driving characteristics of this top development of the E12 in peace and quiet.

Nice BMW for quiet rides

The new owner of this beautiful 518 BMW 1983 can do the same. The car looks charming and in this version the E28 parks every preconception with regard to performance drive. If you look closely, a cover under the front bumper is missing, you will see a small bump in the rear bumper and the pookhoes needs to be replaced. Still, this car is very well suited. This is a beautiful and modest BMW, which is largely complete and, for example, also has the original tool kit. Like the whole car is surprisingly original and very neat across the board. Also the engine compartment and the luggage compartment are neatly included.

More information

So Catawiki is currently offering the car, the auction is in full swing. Candidates can go through get more information about the car and make an offer. The online auction of the BMW 518 closes on Thursday, October 22 around 20.00 p.m. The selling party has stated a minimum price, and Catawiki estimates the minimum value at € 10.250. Anyway: fans of representative modesty in a beautiful condition would do well to delve into this car and make an offer. For those who value it: this BMW is eligible for the MRB transitional arrangement. And for entrepreneurs it is useful to know that this BMW 518 is also extremely favorable to drive from a business point of view. But regardless of the tax considerations: this E28 is very worthwhile, we think it is in any case an attractive automobile.







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  1. Unfortunately if you drive the tds for which they are intended, they do not hslen the 1,5 ton yet. Fathers will have an economical driving style, which is part of old diesels. And in Zeeland you have salty air… ..

  2. @Frits:
    I am talking specifically about the 524 turbo diesel and not the variant without turbo.
    In my circle of acquaintances there were 2 who had such a 524 TD (early 80s). I know that they had a lot of motor costs.
    At the time I had a Mitsubishi Galant 2.3 turbo diesel with similar problems, so I can imagine their story. Economical car, but high garage costs. After 100.000 km almost everything broke. This Mitsubishi has gone through the shredder after barely 120.000 km and only 5 years.
    It was also the time that people greedily turned to the Mitsubishi Starion (because of modern technology) and pitifully to the outdated Porsche 911. The new price was close to each other. If you now offer a 2020 Mitsubishi Starion (if there is still one) or a 1983 from '911 in 83, then you know.
    In summary: I do not have a good experience with the 4 cylinder 1800 from BMW and the turbos from that time were not really ready for production.

  3. @peter The turbo diesels fared even worse who longevity? Is it specifically about the turbo? My father is now driving his second E30 324d with almost 600.000 km on the clock. He also still has the first copy and was put away due to serious rusting. This copy also has more than 600.000 km on the counter and the engine / box are still quite fresh!

    • My 316 21 E1982, which I drove from '88 to '92, had the same 1766 cc engine with 90 hp. It was a pleasant and also solid / solid feeling mobile. In full, 163 was the highest attainable. That said, an Ascona 1.6 or 1.9 didn't run much faster or slower.

  4. Beautifully preserved model for its age! However, don't expect a sharp performance from it. Is a small motor for a heavy man. The expected price is very high for such a model. I rather think of a little more than half. But the price is what it is….

  5. I also drove a 80 from 518 for several years in the 1974s,
    These engines were worn out very quickly. It often ended with 130.000 km.
    The E28 with turbo diesel did the engine even worse in terms of lifespan.
    Not recommended as far as I am concerned. Except for susceptibility to rust, there was little to criticize about the bodywork.

    • may be caused by condensation… The rubber seals around the rear light blocks may be worn out and need to be replaced; I had it replaced two years ago during restoration.

    • Just what I thought! Replace the rubbers of the rear lights and the boot lid rubber, otherwise the entire lock plate will rot out. That is not uncommon with this series, also with the E21.

  6. I myself have an E28 525i from '84; think these cars should be driven with a 6-cylinder. An 1800 engine for a car of 1200 kg curb weight is really too little if you want to get ahead a bit ... The 1800 engine also produces only 90 hp ... Apart from that, the car is nicely preserved but I would never pay 10 K pay… My car was restored two years ago and looks like it came out of the showroom. With its 150 hp and 6-cylinder injection engine, it also drives a lot smoother than an 1800 with carburettor….

  7. Here in the Zeeland countryside I still know a few such 5-series E28s. I think they are still in full use and look from fairly neat to rusty and scratchy.

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