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I call A about the sale of his BMW 6 Series E24. He has to sell it because of his return to Suriname. "Forever!" he adds when I have him on the phone. "But the roads are too bad for this car so I am selling it." He turns out to have bought the BMW 633 CSi 38 years ago when the car was two years old. According to the makers in 1977 "The Ulimate Driving Machine". Now 40 years old, unrestored and no rust or even a scratch… you don't see that very often.

No 7 series coupé

The Bavarian Motors Werke stopped the production of their wonderful GT, the E1975, in 9. A year later, the BMW 6 series, type E24, came into existence which, with 13, would become the longest-produced BMW series of all time. A car that displayed external similarities with the 7 series, but under the skin was based on the 5 series. A beautiful GT that hung on many boys' rooms.

Invisible dust

I meet the owner and when I drive through a typical Dutch environment between greenhouses and barns with bungalows I see them. An old barn with the 'car' doors wide open with a beautifully shiny BMW 6-Series in Reseda Grün outside. Open the hood, trunk and doors and A, waving with a cloth, is chasing away invisible dust.

Immediately in love

He bought the BMW 6-Series with just “the head off”. He accidentally bumped into the BMW 633 CSi. "Immediately in love!", he shouts as he walks to his daily driver (an old Daihatsu Cuore) to park it out of sight. When he returns, he finds me inspecting me on the ground with my head under the car. He squats next to me with a serious face. "Listen," he says in a reassuring tone, “After every ride I went to clean the car. Also with a brush under the car and through the wheel arches. Always!" Not a word of a lie it seems. Also the engine compartment, the paint, the interior. Everything is equally clean and neat. The headrests even have old-fashioned linen covers to keep them tidy. We remove them before taking the pictures. The BMW 633 CSi has to be moved a little bit for the photo shoot and with a short stroke of the key the 6 cylinder immediately wakes up eagerly. Even the sun comes out and we get to work.

Pure luck

This BMW 633 CSi with a small 200 hp on the rear wheels is from 1977 and performed in a very nice M-jacket, with painted stripings. The lovely six-cylinder in-line engine rustles like the sea. The gearbox does its job purposefully and professionally even after 40 years of service. The next owner should commit to cherish this car as much as A did for 38 years. After all these years, they both go their separate ways, leaving only the old barn in emptiness. The car has already been transferred to a new – happy – owner.


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  1. in itself a nice model, but this one too much fairground, and a pity that parts supply leaves something to be desired, just like with classic audis. Apparently these factories have too little compassion for history

  2. “Too bad for the non-original plastic kits under the bumpers vorn und hinten…”
    (mixture just as this dutch-english-deutsche writing)

  3. Even as a born Mercedesman I get the shivers of joy down my spine here. And I really mean that and actually this comment should be recorded for posterity, because people would not believe that of me. But this is really a beauty and the new owner must be very happy with this but certainly continue to take very good care of it.

    • Worked in the eighties at a BMW dealer, where everything passed, but high or low: my old boss, founder of this business, once started repairing Isettas, and 600s, remained faithful to his 635CSI for years. Only… the cart ate brake discs. But that must have been a bit of him, I think 🤔

  4. One of the most beautiful BMW coupés, I myself have an E9 2.5 CS from '75, but the E24 is also one of my favorites. Too bad for the non-original rims that are on it. The radiator grille is normally painted black and not in the body color. But otherwise a beautiful BMW that was clearly cherished. However, I prefer the (M) 635Csi.

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