The BX is back! (And K1s also become expensive)

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The BX is back! (And K1s also become expensive)

The BX is back!

De Citroën BX was once an absolute sales hit and the leader is also the lease segment. If you saw a white BX 1400, you saw a representative. If you saw a silver gray, then you looked at an 1600 (or 1900D) of a slightly more successful lease knight.

And everyone was very enthusiastic about the 'small irons'.

Until they started to appear en masse on the second, third and fourth-hand market. Then it came to light that these fantastic middle class people became a little hypersensitive if they didn't get the proper maintenance on time. And there went the reputation of the Brave BXsen. Horror stories on birthdays and among friends. And a BX? You bought it for three hundred guilders if the tank was at least half full.

An acquaintance received a phone call: “Do you still have such a stupid BX? Then I have four hubcaps for you here. But there is still a BX in between. And that was a very good one too. The car cost 100 euros plus a crate of beer ...

A loyal BX driver

The first car of freelance photographer (and French teacher) Sylvia was an 1400 cc BX. The car cost 1.000 guilders. Her second BX was also an 1400 and cost 1.000 euros. The third 1400 in the list cost a staggering 2.000 euro. But that was also from a 84 year-old at the time, was around ZGAN. And only had 84D kilometers on the clock. There were so many bills that the car alone must have kept a whole family of garage owners alive. In addition to normal maintenance, the BX once provided a surprise: At Ede, a cooling hose broke. The unsurpassed Wegenwacht repaired the case improvised. And that repair has also been going on for three years. And also her current - and possibly upcoming ex - BX runs a neat 1 on 14-1 on 15, just like its predecessors.

The price development

Now, almost 7 years later, Sylvia pays the price for the purchase of a car from the 'end-of-year'. The cars that were made in a late production year come from worn molds and are often more emphatically sealed than their predecessors. In short: with just two tons on the clock, there is serious welding work on her BX. That is why she started looking at the market. The BX specialist in Dirksland where she bought her current car has some space shortage, so she went first. Kees had an 1400 with carburetor that was neat but not to her liking. And girls go for beauty. The silver-gray 1600 machine was a beautiful car. But it had to cost 3250 euros. Sylvia asked for reflection time. Because her freelancers income has not been in line with the price developments in the BX area. Maybe you just have to weld. And that would be the challenging job for the BX enthusiasts in Ulft where her cars have always been serviced.

Now the price development of BXsen is not on our priority list. But we went to have a look around. And to our surprise, it turns out that nowadays BXs are offered up to 9.750 euros. And let that be a 1900 Sport ...

For cars between the 2.000-2.500 euro, the always honest BX owners often call some 'points of interest'.

And the 1900 diesel break for 500 euro with a tight 4 ton on the counter has a new clutch set and new tires, but is a bit lazy. And that is one thing.

So it's just a case that everything in time becomes worth money. That also speaks for the foresight of friend Marcel. He bought some BMW K1s a few years ago. Then you had a nice copy for about two mille. He kept the most beautiful. But this year he sold the other four for amounts between four and six thousand euros. Oh yes: Ducati Pasos, those are the new sneaky risers.

Our advice? Take a look in your garage. Perhaps you are richer than you think

And if you want to take a French course this fall and winter? Then you are welcome at the non-profit organization Alliance Française. When you follow those courses in Zutphen, you have a good chance of being taught by a BX rider. And that does not cost anything extra

And nobody wanted to be seen dead on that
But we already knew that even this money is worth it


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  1. Pandas are of course also very cheap in terms of MRB, maintenance and consumption. And the 340 is apparently much better than previously thought.

  2. Fiat 127 is already. A little more to pay, but the square pandas are going up in price, just like the Volvo 340, especially with low mileage.

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