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Although it is actually not quite a surprise, the bullet seems to be finalized by the church from today: the exemption from the Motor Vehicle Tax, or MRB for cars of thirty years and older is on the way - again. Changes are coming, according to the first sounds from the fresh coalition agreement between the VVD and PvdA.

Due to environmental considerations, the coalition agreement states, the MRB exemption for old-timers will be abolished. A reasoning that of course does not make sense, because no matter how 'environmentally polluting' people think classic driving is, even with daily use it will not outweigh the environmental impact associated with the production of a new car. That is a fact with which Greenpeace once came out and in which we - no matter how impartial we are - can agree. In our opinion, that should even be a reason to motivate the use of an older car instead of demotivating. Perhaps there could be another investigation into that?

In our opinion, this measure shows serious short-sightedness. At least in part, the government will turn a blind eye to a branch that is responsible for a billion-dollar turnover, of which, of course, a considerable part also flows into the treasury. For a directly calculated revenue of a few million that the government thinks it will collect more from that MRB.

Whether a lowered MRB for classics and youngtimers is chosen, as is the case for cars aged thirty and older with our eastern neighbors, or whether owners of classics have to pay the full pound, remains to be seen. The details are not yet known. As soon as we know more, we will report that.

But what now? Should a new system be introduced to separate the wheat from the chaff? Don't make the real enthusiasts pay for the opportunists? Was that not already done by raising the limit for the MRB exemption to 30 years and, moreover, allowing the additional tax burden for Diesels (and the clean LPG) to exist? Is a system like in Germany, where an inspection exists to get an old-timer license plate? Or one like in Belgium, where there is a mileage limit? Or is it only one thing in The Hague: the direct benefits of a measure.

We would naturally like to hear your opinion? You can do this below or via our Facebook page

Update: the KNAC has opened a petition against the plans of The Hague, which we of Auto Motor Klassiek support of course. Let your vote count here:

Also the BOVAG has in the meantime spoken out against the imminent measure and indicates as a possible alternative to introduce a type of mileage limit or daily limit for classic enthusiasts, in order to prevent daily use.

De MAG (Motorcyclists Action Group, is the interest group for motorcyclists. Yes, because there, too, there is suffering when the exemption is lifted. The motorcycles often do not drive more than a few rides a year and they become very expensive. MAG secretary Dolf Willigers explains: “A single seagoing vessel entering the port of Rotterdam already causes more pollution than all those classic motorcycles put together in a whole year, but more of them are brought in. This outrageous measure has nothing to do with protecting the environment. This is vulgar greed on the part of the government, which attracts thousands of classic motorcycle enthusiasts. ”

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  1. First collecting MILLIONS by the RDW for all those imported vintage cars in recent years and now abolishing the MRB (ridiculous and pure theft) Of course there are people looking for the cheapest possible driving even though they have no love for the Oldtimer, Nothing wrong with that, but if the government first looks at this for a few years and the 190 diesels are as good as gone abroad they go the rule
    abolish. Stopping the MRB okay, but not for the existing Oltimers.

  2. Yes, we have found something again to get to the car-loving Netherlands, Just now that I have spent 10 years doing my first car completely to renovate, restore and overhaul. It took me a lot of blood to sweat and tears to get it nice and good. I therefore leave it alone in summer weather, without any chance of rain.
    Of course I have a more modern car that I take to work every day, which I don't want to do to the old animal..
    I just took a look at last year's score… 1356 km! woohoew !! and yes on petrol RON98 with extra lead substitute (animal has taste of course)
    Now I can pay strax or suspension and road tax (and of course tease the insurance at least 2x per year)
    or pay tax for 4 quarters, which now amounts to approximately € 2,50 per kilometer driven… quite expensive if I say so myself

    In short ... separate the wheat from the chaff and leave the classics alone, and if you want something, add an extra arrangement in which it is stated that the first daily requirement is to be able to get an exemption for the oldtimer (it is me not yet managed to drive in 2 cars at the same time) and moreover, for the 190 diesel drivers it is already a lot less interesting to drive an old diesel as they have to pay for another car. Now I am not retarded either and can name ways to get around the above. but at least it is not as straightforward as putting everything together.

  3. We are still writing about MRB when it has long ago changed to the HOLDERSHIP TAX. Almost everyone has now experienced that this is an extortion tax. We now also have to pay for not driving a car despite the din in The Hague: “not taxing the possession but the use”. If you have the guts to cancel the suspension within a quarter, you will be punished by having to pay retroactively for the entire quarter. Even more rude is that the suspension is automatic. This not only means that this anti-social government also determines your agenda, but that courtrooms are filled with people who have forgotten to extend the suspension. Judges (oh oh, we're so busy) don't care about your problem, they're there to help fill the state coffers.
    You are ashamed of Dutch politics these days.

  4. The marginal rumbling of our political dwarfs constantly leads to uncertainties that scare the Dutch citizen. We never know where we stand. Now again this nonsense that should not only be for the benefit of the environment but also, according to a dick of a civil servant, should yield 200 million again. I bet a limb to bet that this yield will never be achieved and that it will not benefit the environment at all. There are countless old-timer companies and suppliers on the bottle that now raise taxes and will cost money. In addition, people who may use an old-timer every day will leave it. They will look for cheaper means of transport. When it comes to cars, the Netherlands is a ridiculous circus. The maximum speed is illustrative of all uncertainty. No dog who now knows where you can drive on the highway at which maximum speed. It is not only annoying that as a car owner in the Netherlands you are simply outlawed, but now we do not know what is hanging over us again.
    "Following Dutch politics can damage your health."

  5. It was coming. Was in Rotterdam today and counted just as quickly 20 Mercedes type 190 with a few except new registration number. On behalf of the true enthusiasts, thank you for ruining our hobby.!

    • Those 190D's don't spoil anything. That was simply the consequence of that childish differentiation by our political dwarfs in The Hague. If we had a fair system there would be no problems. Now we pay a squeeze on HOLDERSHIP TAX, parking and BPM. No wonder that people are pushing the boundaries and therefore making use of the few possibilities that still exist.

  6. Bad news for the old-timer loving man.

    The fact that from now on 130kmh may be driven on the motorways is ignored for environmental reasons. (The extra costs of 120kmh signs with captions are also ignored. Which is really ridiculous by the way)

    Even the government has noticed that a lot of MB 190 diesels are driving around with a new license plate lately. This of course could not go well for long. As a result of this agreement, it is just a shame that all old-timer enthusiasts are upset. Those who use such an 1986 car as daily transport have ruined it for the 'real' old-timer enthusiast. A pity.

    Would an exception for 'real' old-timer not be possible eg phased tax.
    Up to 25 year old 50% MRB tax
    Up to 35 year old 25% MRB tax
    35 year and older no MRB

    There must be lobbying with FEHAC the ANWB or something solid?

    • We already have enough differentiation in the Netherlands thanks to the government. Take a look at the maximum speed on the highway. Sometimes the speed depends on two conditions: if closed between 7 and 9 and if rush-hour lane. They should stop that. Life is complicated enough. Our politicians cannot think broadly and that is why it is such an uncertain gang in this country with complicated suspension arrangements, different VAT rates, temporary tax cuts, etc.

    • Would it be an idea to have the value of our classic fall under the wealth tax? I think that is fairer. After all, most of us have a not very expensive classic, but there are also those who have one or more very expensive ones. This distributes the tax more fairly. The value is easily determined on the basis of the appraisal value on the insurance policy.

      • Its just a matter of time… ..If you have a hoby what dosen, t bother anyone else and nobody is complaneing about it. The most people just look, not realizing the time youve spent working on something that only once a month comes out of the garage. Then its bad luck for you mate living here in this little short minded land! They have to once again bend and break thier own rules to make sure that your once a month pleasure and satifaction day should be paid for !! as for the environment tax !! LPG is cleaner and nobody is complaining… YES! once again youll be hit with 3x more road tax… proberbly to subsidies a group of long haird students to climb in a mountain take bottle samples of air, take a good look inside and YES! its the once a month motorist who, s going to pay his share towards the worlds polution. Be proud of yourself and your land because with this little contribution (that we all can miss every month!) Is going to save our planet. Don, t forget to give that little extra gas by the traffic lights, its not being childish, it means getting your money, s worth !!!

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