Classic motorcycle clothing (And classic rental engines)

leather jacket, motorcycle jacket, cheapIf, as a motorcyclist, you have been living somewhere for years and then it appears that for five years there has been a motorcycle shop in the neighborhood that you have never heard of ...

Then you step on the moped to take a look.

For the "Have not heard of it" factor there was an excuse: The company is a rental company. But then from (semi) classic engines.

Apart from the rental motorcycle collection, there was a huge stock of classic motorcycle clothing. Long leather jackets (only 100 E), but also a huge collection of brightly colored racing overalls from the 70-80 years. Those perfectly nostalgic race overalls are also for sale. But there is a snag: They have generally been the proud property of motorcyclists some thirty-forty years ago.

And in 30 years, many people may not have been much longer, but they may have become considerably wider. So there is no guarantee that you will find a perfectly suitable copy.

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