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Now we can all continue to grumble that the classic world has been held hostage by wealthy, opportunistic neoliberals. But yes: if, for example, you suddenly scored 9.000.000 on a deal with some masks, then you have to do something. Because putting it on the couch doesn't help. Then with some bad luck you even get into it. So that's why classics are priceless and kept in acclimated safes. According to the stories…

How crazy do you want to make it?

Okay: a 'bid from price' of € 120.000 for a 2CV Sahara is weird. Just like tapping € 26.500 for an ordinary 2CV with 6000 km on the clock. And the chance that you will see one of those two in the parking lot of your local Aldi is minimal.

But on the other side

In the village where I live alone I can name a dozen classics that are used very regularly to daily. They were emphatically not bought as an investment. And with at least five of those cars, their existence is still taken so seriously that they simply go to official garages for maintenance and repairs, because the owners go for the feeling, but not for the technology.

Align 1.0

But the owner of one of the two Lada Nivas who drove around here did tell me how you align the drivetrain with its transfer case and extra axles on such a Russian: You put the thing on jacks. Then you loosen the mounting bolts and nuts of the entire transmission. Then you start the free-range rus. At a road speed of 50 km/h, it is intended that the entire drivetrain is then optimally positioned. Then you tighten all the nuts and bolts and you're done. Or let it be Ivan. Whether this approach is occupational health and safety compatible? What does a Bovag company think about this? What happens if one of those things shoots off the axle stands?

From an older lady

The local Fiat Panda – of course belonged to an older lady and the Panda from the days when Pandas were just really small cars – is a rolling restoration project. At first we expect some delay in the further dismantling. But after that it should go fast. The happy owner has bought a house with an extra large garage for it.

There is also an absolutely heart-conquering delivery duck driving here

But it is now for sale. Fortunately, this does not lead to an empty nest syndrome. Until his feather sale, he shares the barn with two other Ducks. A village further there is another order Duck that is used daily. This is possible because there is an Ami block and the AZU has the corresponding disc brakes. The outdoor sleeper is technically top notch. Technically, he is less. But the uninhibited happy owner keeps the rust specter under control by regularly giving the sheet metal an extra layer with the roller, until all steel has been replaced by paint. And paint doesn't rust.

Also in the street: a lovingly cherished Volvo 164 with baking patina. I traded a BX handlebar for a Guzzi starter motor with the owner. Because he also has a Guzzi. In such a way of swapping mirrors for beads, you keep a local micro-economy going with a smile and a bunch of sweet classics driving. And how beautiful and durable is that?


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  1. I can remember a program where the new Range Rover was presented and also tested with an off the road trip from west to east England. Due to tough terrain, of course. The camera crew recorded the whole thing from a Lada Niva. And, hilariously, the Range Rover stranded where the Lada with its low weight could continue effortlessly.

  2. Dear Dolf Peeters
    as always excellently written, you have inexhaustible inspiration when you connect the car to the owner as a personality or vice versa

  3. With a Lada Niva you make a statement.
    And while the Lada's ancestry is often a pint of discussion or even ridicule, they are considered fairly indestructible, or for what is considered acceptable.
    I think it's fun and useful cars.
    Owners like to take his hereditary reasonable thirst for granted

  4. Yes yes a Lada Niva fine voitures.
    Are they still being made??

    Yes, the 2CV daily shopping work starts and runs fine.
    By the way, saw “LED” lighting at Burton.
    Handy if you use the 2CV properly

  5. Wonderful story Dolph! And idk, in at least 90% of cases the big money is with the wrong people. That's why you see so many beautiful Americans driving, with of course nice people in it

  6. Align 1.0: thanks for your tip! Mn NIVA Mk1 is already standing on blocks, waiting for its completely overhauled rear axle. The box and intermediate box also need to be loosened. Putting good on blocks and running the powertrain is nothing strange about it, I even see it with aircraft tractors of about 30 tons.

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