Classics and spirituality

Classics and spirituality. Is that a good combination? We think so. Enjoying a classic gives Zen bonus points.

Spirituality is completely up-to-date and it can also be a USP, a unique selling point. The VVV and entrepreneurs from the locations around the Mӧhne Reservoir / Mӧhne See in the Ruhrgebiet have also come up with this.

Die Mӧhne See is one of the five reservoirs that were bombed in 1943 with the 'bouncing bombs' of the brilliant Barnes Wallis. Three of the five dams were hit. The damage was enormous, but it was repaired at lightning speed.

In the meantime, the region, the Ruhr area, has changed into a wooded park landscape where the remaining heavy industry behaves nicely.

A lot has been tried to make a tourist area of ​​the region. But no matter how large the investments have been: it usually stays nice and quiet there.

The same applies to the reservoir, the Mӧhne See. There it is, just 200 km from Arnhem, and 'indoors' easy to reach, great to drive with classic transport. The area is fantastic, the hospitality is top. The people are friendly and the prices are affordable.

Spirituality and wellness are apparently the spearheads with which people wanted to lure the masses. From our own experience, we now know that this approach to the more pleasantly molded half of humanity is well spent. Of course there are Reiki treatments and cocoa massages, but also in the more traditional stretching and stretching work is well provided.

And of course there are the local saltwater baths / sauna locations in Bad Saasaendorf.

The forests around Lake Mӧhne in autumn are an almost perverse burst of colors. From the Strandhotel in Wamel  - you walk straight into the lake.

In addition, all massage options are available on demand and there is a heated indoor pool if the lake is too cold for you. The kitchen is not always open. But there are plenty of places to eat along the lake, including a 'Biker Treff', where you are cheering with your classic motorcycle.

And we ate the tastiest Burgers with the best views at Geronimo - The fact that the entire building has recently been covered has been potted, that will have been a one-two with the local beauty committee. But it looks nice South American / Scandinavian.

Those are just two of the locations in it area. Hanseatic city of Soest is also near the lake. And there you can quietly wait on the terrace for your loved one who can go shopping ...

Please note that the local catering PIN devices are not all preprogrammed to fit our 'orange' PIN.

We wish you a fantastic fall.

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