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Purchasing classics there

It is a widely used concept. Our section Verkeerd Afgelopen regularly offers a glimpse into the end of what was once a beautiful car. A car that has often not achieved its classic status. A vehicle that could have played a role within the motorized heritage community. With some vehicles it even goes completely wrong.

Relaxed mode of parts

Last weekend we saw another example of utterly past glory somewhere in the Amsterdam area. From a distance we saw a base plate, four wheels, suspension, a steering wheel and a few more controls making desperate attempts to clarify which coach once carried this lost combination. And those attempts led us to conclude that this was a XNUMXs or early XNUMXs Beetle. Today increasingly rare and still rising in prestige and value. In the case we discovered, it really has no chance of ever appearing on the classic radar again. For example, both the bottom plate and the middle tunnel are in a ragged condition. The steering wheel is disconsolate and what was once German solidly bolted to the substructure is now in a very relaxed mode.

Maybe a few more parts

True: even in this state there are still a few parts to be saved. German solid parts that apparently survive every storm. But whatever twist we want to give it: this will no longer be the Beetle as it once proudly left the factory band in Wolfsburg. Given that millions of Beetles were produced, is that regrettable? We think so. Because every beetle is a tribute to what made the automobile industry possible. The basis of driving a car, minimum conditions to get from A to B efficiently and a building block for reconstruction. These are just a few basic automotive issues that this completely lost Beetle could have done justice to. And above all: we will probably never know in what capacity this Volkswagen was built. With this VW it is complete verkeerd afgelopen.

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