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Van der Werff Transport BV, now based in Heerenveen, but - if the information provided is correct - ever started in Wytgaard in Friesland, rum 100 year now exists! The company that was involved in all kinds of small (er) transport jobs in those early years is - as it is now called - has grown into a professional logistics service provider active in the transport, warehousing and distribution of goods and cargo in the Benelux, France and Germany.

You probably know the truck combinations. Two colors of metallic blue and large, very large. There are now around 100 employees on the payroll. As we informed you before, transport operators were following the 2e American and Canadian army trucks left behind from the dump, purchased and 'civilized'. That is to say, a loading platform usable for the new purpose was built and assembled and the whole painted or painted in a non-army color. Popular then were Ford, Chevrolet, GMC and Dodge. Naturally, this company also drove such material. First with Ford and later with Canadian Dodges. In 1956 it got the last - gasoline 'fired'! - copy his resignation. Decades later, Van der Werff regretted this. And so a 'replica' of the last one was built. We photographed them on a sunny day in May in Wytgaard. He was standing out there. For the former business premises. The truck dates from 1942, the trailer coupled behind is from DAF and comes from 1952. At that time, 10 tons of cargo could be transported with it. In those years 'haste' was a word that had to be looked up in the dictionary, 'tachograph' or 'driving time decision' were two words that you could not find in that dictionary. The combination rushed forward at a top speed of at least 60 kilometers per hour almost unrestrained on the country's - provincial - roads, on the road to becoming a satisfied customer again. It was not only the truck that worked overtime, but also the driver, because another challenge awaited the next day.

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  1. This car is from our oufe director. I work at Vd Werff logistics myself and I can tell you that there are many more vintage cars. Daf Do and Scania, s and Volvo among others. And an antique Kromhout tractor-trailer. If you want, I can put you in touch with the owner.

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