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At least: how ordinary can you fall in love? It usually helps if you lose half to three quarters of your brain functions due to an internal short circuit. And how beautiful is that? I once heard someone say somberly, “I fell in love with her ass. And I made the mistake of marrying the whole woman. ” Yet an affair based on blind love can also end in a beautiful relationship. That is, if you don't expect more than the subject of your passion can live up to. So we give the Dodge from Drempt all the benefit of the doubt. He is tough, endearing and quite a bit brave.

A pure utility vehicle

The 1951 Dodge Ram Pickup from 1951 is a utility vehicle. A brave, endearing little donkey. And that all the way to the nature of the USA pickups that have been the largest part of the American fleet since time immemorial. Nowadays the pickups are no longer structurally Made in the US of A. And they are no longer sober and basic. But in 1951? Back then, the highly modern 'pilot cabin' of this Dodge was very impressive. With that you showed that you were not just off the tail. That you drove a Dodge.

Dodge and the small commercial vehicles

Dodge already did good business during WWI and it didn't go wrong in the next war. When peace had broken out again, they picked up the thread again. In the late 1946s, early 99s, there were few style changes or mechanical improvements. The approach was that the pre-war models simply returned to production. So the pre-war and the war models. The Dodge trucks proved to be so versatile and strong during the war that Dodge also started producing them in the post-war era. A civilian version of the veterans was introduced in 1946 under the name Power Wagon. These 1968% military truck-like civilian Power Wagons were sold in America from XNUMX to XNUMX (some were even exported into the late XNUMXs). The Power Wagon was a spartan thing. No lust & luxury, but basic transport. And for that, a six-in-line 'flat head' was a great bike. In the civilian version of the Power Wagons, out of extreme decadence, there was at least a choice of four colors.

Reuse is sustainable

The new trucks that rolled off the line in 1945 were almost identical to the ones from 1939. The WC and WD Dodge trucks were kept in production until 1947, when in 1948 they were replaced by the post-war new B-series pickups with much more luxurious' Pilot House 'booths. Like that of our fashion model. The 1948 and 1949 half-ton trucks were designated B-1-B, the 3/4 ton was B-1-C, and the 1 ton B-1-D. The later B-series trucks were designated B-2, B-3 or B-4 depending on the year of manufacture and were available with Standard, Deluxe or Custom cabs.

Choice of engines

The standard engine was the 95 hp 218-cui flathead six, 1-ton trucks could be supplied with the 102 hp 230-cui six. The B-series trucks were simply the best and most modern pickups of their time, and they allowed Dodge to be ahead of its competitors. The Power Wagon was classified as B-1-PW. With its heavy-duty chassis and off-road qualities, the Power Wagon was used for all kinds of tasks - as a school bus, fire truck, tow truck, recovery vehicle, etc.

There is a market for it

And what if such a car is now offered for sale in a suitable costume? Then you would think there would be little demand for a slow, slow steering and braking car with minimal comfort. That would be an error of judgment. The Dodge has not been for sale at Albert Venema for a week. The happy salesman beams “Fortunately I have more cars for sale”.

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  1. The rear lights on this vehicle are so recognizable and also used on many vehicles of various brands.
    I recognize them from the Minervas and also from army trucks.
    Transport with style!

  2. I have a once radically (eg to 2WD) modified W200 from '76 that I have technically completely addressed. What a wonderfully simple enjoyment of the Mopar bigblock of 7,2 liters ...
    Unfortunately he has to go sometimes, but what a literally great fun! And no road tax, single fuel LPG and 2 annual MOT also makes the costs laugh. And not long until 50 years 🙂
    Yes, these machines are particularly beautiful toys !!!

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