Environmental news: D'66 lashes out at VVD

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In Rotterdam, the Rotterdam Classics Foundation has been fighting for some time against the environmental zone and in favor of an alternative that, for example, produces much more results - and therefore healthier air - at the infrastructure level. The politicians in Rotterdam are regularly approached to work on a better solution. D'66 alderman Pex Langenberg, however, adheres to the environmental zone. The Foundation was therefore surprised by the national 10 point plan of D'66, which, among other things, explained the lack of grounds for excluding certain motor vehicles. Stientje van Veldhoven of D'66 mentioned one of the consequences of the environmental zone unfair.

Out to VVD

In that healthy air plan lashes out D'66 at Minister Schultz van Haegen. In the document, the Democrats state the following. “It could be that the air is so unhealthy that a municipality and its residents choose to establish an environmental zone for clean air. Despite repeated requests from D66, Minister Schultz refuses to include in the vehicle registration what cars emit. As a result, a municipality can only determine whether a car may enter an environmental zone on the basis of the year of construction. Stientje van Veldhoven of D'66: “Schultz has for years refused to make good policy. That is why people in an environmental zone sometimes had to sell their slightly older but cleaner car. That is unfair. It is unwillingness of the minister, technically that is simply possible. "

No unity of uniform in political decisions

The Rotterdam Classics Foundation wonders why D'66 is sticking to an environmental zone in Rotterdam. Although municipalities are authorized to make independent decisions within certain frameworks, that surprise is understandable. In Rotterdam, a measure is being launched against will and gratitude. It has no effect. In addition, it seems that D'66 does not have the uniformity of making decisions in political decisions. That is, incidentally, politically broad. In 2015, for example, a motion by Barbara Visser (VVD) against environmental zones was adopted by the Lower House. Minister Schultz van Haegen called a day later "that the establishment of these zones should be primarily a municipal matter."

Air quality lousy in Rotterdam

In the meantime, the air quality in Rotterdam is lousy. Some time ago it became clear that the concentrations of nitrogen dioxide (NO2), nitrogen monoxide (NO) and particulate matter (PM10) in particular have been substantial since the introduction of the environmental zone increased. The traffic supply is growing, while the small proportion of sanctioned cars is falling. In March 2016, the VVD and PvdA political groups in Rotterdam called on the alderman to report monthly on the effects of the environmental zone.

WOB request Stichting Rotterdamse Klassiekers

The Rotterdam Classics Foundation also insists on the disclosure of the data. She submitted a WOB request to the municipality of Rotterdam on 2 January. In this, the Foundation requires clarification, among other things, about the actual measured results (not on the basis of a fleet scan). The number of motor vehicles demolished as a result of the measure is also being asked. Furthermore, the Foundation would like to see a specified cost overview and clarification about the standards that Rotterdam applies with regard to determining pollution. The Rotterdam Classics Foundation has not yet received a reply. In the meantime, there is a demand for speeding up the disclosure of data. The municipality of Rotterdam indicated earlier that it could come out with the first evaluation results at the beginning of April.


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