FIAT 128, for happy riders

Fiat 128

The FIAT 128 was awarded the annual 'Car of the Year' title in 1969. The jury indicated that the small front-wheel drive in the class around 6.000 guilders would cause a great stir. The palm of honor brought the 128 a lot of publicity and increasing sales figures. 

By: Dirk de Jong

It was a very successful model with a lot of space. It had a contemporary design and a jewel of an engine. The independent test described the FIAT 128 as follows: "The 128's engine offers exactly what one - after looking at the car's appearance - could have expected: Sportiness, flexibility and a certain degree of professionalism." 

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The FIAT that you see in the photo is the new version. The comfortable travel car now needs some love and attention. Rust around the fenders, bottom doors and sills must be tackled. For this FIAT 128, a person with a willingness to work is now being sought, so that his 'sporty' and reliable life can progress. We found this Italian on an industrial estate in the Frisian town of Veenwouden. 

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  1. Have also driven the style related 132. The 1600 version with a double camshaft and a club of a carburetor !! Great thing to ride. It was a pity that when you finished driving and slammed the door, you could hear the rust rustle down. With the window open on a country road in D-land, you could hear the entire front train beeping. Then I just sold it to a student😜. Always wash-start. Shame about the rust.

  2. Dear car friends,
    You have found a very sad copy to give the Fiat 128 a compliment. To be honest, I wouldn't give it a look (let alone a photo) worthy of it. I would like to add a photo of 'my' Fiat 128, which made me champion in the standard class in 1972. Will you let me know how? Photo is ready.
    With a rusty greeting, Ric

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