Ford Capri 2600 RS, one of the top pieces at the Aaldering Brummen auction

Ford Capri 2600 RS side
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A beautiful Ford Capri 2600 RS will be one of the highlights at the Classic Car Auctions auction, which starts on January 9, 2020. Gallery Aaldering has commissioned no fewer than 238 objects in various classes and categories to be auctioned. For that reason there are many more interesting cars to describe. But our choice falls on the fabulous Capri.

This performance Capri was built in February 1972 at the Ford plant in Cologne, Germany and then delivered new in Switzerland. This is the absolute top model from the (German) series, namely the Ford Capri 2600 RS version with the more than 150 hp 2600 V6 engine with a mechanical Kugelfischer injection system. This was, among other things, the basis for the Group 2 RS2600 used in the European Touring Car Championship, in which Ford was very successful. As a street version, the Capri RS 2600 reached a top of over 200 kilometers per hour.

Specifications for sportiness

The Ford Capri 2600 RS was not only equipped with a fast engine and the suspension was adjusted. The original 2600 V6 Cologne engine received the standard camshaft. One of the reasons that the initial power of 125 HP was increased to 150 HP was the cylinder capacity increased to 2.637 cc, which was created by creating a longer stroke. The Ford also received extra air inlets. The RS engineers chose a combination of Bilstein gas pressure shock absorbers, shortened struts and coil springs for the chassis and the use of a spacer at the rear. The Ford Capri 2600 RS was thus lowered by 5 centimeters.

Close ratio gearbox

The RS specialists from Ford installed a manual close ratio gearbox. To curb the power of the 2600 RS, the engineers also installed ventilated disc brakes, which found a place behind footwear with beautiful four-spoke aluminum rims. In all aspects, the eyes of the constructors during the development of the Capri 2600 RS were focused on sportiness and performance.

Nice details

This Ford Capri 2600 RS has never been restored, it is a beautiful and far-reaching original. The longer you look at the car, the more striking details stand out. Consider, for example, the course of the white bonnet color, which subtly extends over the flanks, and the blue bubble on the hood, which extends into other body parts. Or the shared bumper at the rear, the white rear panel and the centrally located exhaust. Beautiful!

Well maintained, in the Swiss way

This Ford Capri 2600 RS had an excellent home in Switzerland. The RS was maintained and preserved to perfection. The body is beautiful, free of damage and has good sheet metal. The underside is good, rust-free and original. The interior is largely original and well cared for. You only need a few dots on the i. This Capri RS is also documented with the Swiss Abgas wartungs document. The mileage? That is still relatively low, from the moment he rolled off the tire the Ford covered 121.902 kilometers.

Appealing copy

The offered Ford Capri 2600 RS is an exotic. He will appeal to the enthusiast in this color and condition. The estimated value of the Ford is between € 34.000 and € 39.000. You can find more info about this beautiful German-built Capri 2600 RS here.

Lots of interest in auction, extra viewing days

There is already a lot of interest in the upcoming online auction of Gallery Aaldering. That is why it has been decided to organize two extra Preview Viewing days between Christmas and New Year. They will be held on Friday December 27 and Saturday December 28 from 10.00 a.m. to 16.00 p.m. During these days you can already admire the varied, beautiful and special offer of more than 200 classics, sports cars, motorcycles and other specials. There are also four viewing days in January. These - just like the Preview viewing days - all take place at Gallery Aaldering, Mercuriusweg 41 in Brummen.

More Info

The auction lasts from January 9, 2020 to January 29, 2020. For more information, see the website of Classic Car Auctions attend. There you will find information about the times of the viewing days, the bidding procedure, the delivery terms and moreover: the total offer with objects. From restoration to competition and from everyday to exclusive: various categories are represented, and they provide an auction collection that is definitely worth viewing.









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  1. A lot of money for a capri with which quite a bit has happened. Hood and grill not original. Bonnet too narrow falls too much over headlight. In Engine compartment 1 reinforcement plate not original.

  2. Hello, in the past an acquaintance of mine had a three-liter Capri GT, the three of which I still welded in one outlet since it was no longer available in the Netherlands.

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