Ford Escort RS 2000 Mk2 (1979). Sincere purebred horse from the racing stable of Lammert van der Meulen. 

Ford Escort RS 2000 Mk2 (1979)

Ford already wrote at the launch: “You will not often see it, the new Ford RS 2000, because we only build 5000 for Europe and mainly by hand. So if you want to drive exclusively, you have to be fast, and if you drive a Ford RS 2000, you have to be fast. ” The chance of encountering the Escort 2000 RS is much higher on the track. Lammert has already experienced a whole racing history with his gem of technology on the dune circuit in Zandvoort, on the Assen circuit and on some foreign circuits in Belgium and Germany. 

Avro's rallycross

Why so excited about the Ford Escort RS 2000? In his youth, Lammert was completely addicted to Avro's rallycross, which appeared on TV every week and where the Ford Escort excelled and won many races. The sound of the super-fast DBA Escort gave him chills. 

Extremely strong power source 

His Ford has a very strong power source and the further equipment according to the FIA ​​regulations to participate in historic races, such as: Willwood brakes, fully adjustable undercarriage in corners, a rear axle with sharpener, adjustable shock absorbers from Bilstein at the front and rear from AVO. The tires are from Michelin, the engine Pinto 2,0 BV 180+ HP. 2 × 48 DCOE / SP Carburettors and a completely custom exhaust system. The gearbox is a racing gearbox with straight teeth. The racing connoisseurs recognize this gem of technology. 

Sporty strength measurements

The sporty strength measurements on the various circuits often resulted in high scores. His years of racing hobby made for a room full of trophies. To go around the track at high speeds you need to know not only your car but yourself. Only through that knowledge and experience can you drive yourself and the car to the limit of the possible. The racing hobby has remained for this 60+ senior with his Ford Escort RS 2000 MK2. It is now a very exclusive car and it still causes a stir when it takes part in the races.

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  1. In the Autokampioen nr.46 from 12-18 November 1976 was a Ford Escort RS 2000 test with pluses and minuses, price at the time fl. 17.523. = Registration of that car 07-JT-25, mine was 90-JE-36, a white version, a color that was popular at the time, now a little less. I have tracked the fuel consumption from the purchase March 23, 1977 km 20.720 to the trade-in May 22, 1981 with a mileage 119.099 with trade-in / purchase of Opel Ascona 2.0 SR. Car traded in on Friday and sold again by the Opel dealer on Saturday.

  2. I also had a Ford Escort RS2000, bought from Ford Dealer Blaauboer & Kossen in Schagen at the time, was initially owned by the management and bought it with the exchange of my Ford Escort 1600 Sport. Had nice experiences especially in the beginning. RS2000 riders you came across waved and lights took some time to understand. It was a special car, see it regularly at rally events. One thing I haven't forgotten yet. With the kids to the Dolfinarium Harderwijk and afterwards discover that there was quite a rise at my RS. At first I thought there was something wrong with the car, but I soon heard that they had not seen this car before and were full of praise for this beautiful car. And a lot of power for that time. Frequent cars too quickly at traffic lights. Still have the brochure and photos. Nice memory for a car enthusiast, I now have 11 (Volvo's 850/960 / Mercedes / Daimler / Suzuki and Mazda and not the least.

  3. Another beautiful story that evokes memories. In the 7th years I was a Ford dealer (in Roosendaal) and I was aware that there were (only) a few RS and 2000 available that were intended for competition purposes. I had contact through Theo Koks with Paul Fauchey who managed the Lois Mobil Ford Team (also rallycross). I then decided to buy one of the last (select) RS 2000 and enter it for the “Super Touring Car class”. In addition, it was less homologated than described in this article, we had to stay closer to the regular street version. Straight cut gearbox and limited slip differential were not allowed and the camshaft also had to remain standard. Choice of multiple final drives was allowed. In the years 1976 to 1978, Theo Koks drove the car for us with a second place in the championship every time. We just couldn't beat Edward Schinkel who also drove an RS 2000. We did manage to stay mostly for the Camaros of Rob Slotemaker and Hennie Hemmes and also for the 3.0 liter BMWs. Jan Lammers was driving an Opel Kadett Coupe at the time, a car that did not have enough power to really keep up. We regularly drove some damage and put an engine in the soup and in terms of power with the regulations limitation never got further than 168 hp. (still good for a lap time of 1.57 on the track at the time) We built the engines ourselves, two of my mechanics did a great job. Beautiful memories, but also precious. Fortunately, I received good support from Ford Netherlands and from my fellow Ford dealers. Nice to be reminded of it again.

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