Good tools are important

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Good tools are important

That became clear again when the clutch of a Yamaha XS650 had to be removed, because the shift shaft had to be replaced due to bad teeth on the shift pedal side. Even a double-strangled shift pedal no longer had a grip on it.

You can tap that shift shaft out when the coupling is dismantled. And to release the coupling, the central nut must be released. Therefore, the inner part of the coupling must be secured against turning. Otherwise you can turn the nut until you weigh an ounce.

What was immediately noticeable was that the coupling basket lacked a lip. Nothing was noticed while driving, but still ... The lid was dismantled. The plates taken out and neatly set aside. In the way that has been going well for 100 years with European, American and Russian engines, the clutch hub was blocked. Socket wrench with the long arm on it. Put strength. "PING!" Ah. Was that zo come. The second lip of the coupling basket was now also off. Unfortunately. But unfortunately. Then just block the hub. The two chipped lips had enough room to secure the Swedish tongs - very neatly with a few aluminum spots between the jaws and the hub. A piece of pipe as a reaction point through the front engine mounts. Strengthening .... The hub exploded. That Japanese injection molding is apparently crystal clear and super brittle.

Then make coffee?

In the meantime, you are left with a totally destroyed link and it is time for reflection. To make coffee? Walking the dog? Blaming someone else for your own rudeness? First some e-mails to acquaintances: "Do you have a link for an XS650 with that and that engine number?" Then an excursion to a friendly motorcycle store. “A blocking pliers for the coupling hub? Of course we have that. And of course we do not lend any tools. Oh. Are those filled cookies for us? That's nice. Will you bring the tongs back this afternoon?

With good tools, dismantling the coupling was a breeze

Let's see if there are already reactions to my cry for a link. Yes. There is a link for adoption. Fine! Now first return the borrowed tool. Then I can continue. Just disassemble the front sprocket to refresh the simmer ring around the shift shaft to be placed.

You need an 36 cap for that. And I borrowed it. To whom was that again? Would I still try it with the Grand Bahco? I look at the remains of the link. Look at my watch. Van Silfhout and the Brezan are closed. I'll do my own thing. I still crawl behind my screen for a few hours and tomorrow I am at 08.00 sharp at my local car parts dealer.

Then I buy a new cap 36 and a coupling hub blocking pliers. And I will never lend it again. Except for people who take filled cookies and bring the stuff back the same day.

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