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Hans's lender

Recently we wondered what we, from classic circles, thought that the technically excellent, generously patina-provided 2CV borrowed from Hans should yield. After the sale, Hans is not without ducks yet. And he has his eye on a fresh project yet again. But he still doubts. Because then he has one duck too many.

What the madman / the connoisseur or the enthusiast gives for it

The responses to our question gave a clear picture of fierce realism (it's just a Duck) to pragmatic market knowledge.

But in consultation with the professional duck thinkers, the asking price for the cheerful gray free-range duck has been set at 12.500 euros.

The people who mentioned that serious amount will receive a message. And for Bart, who reported that he was an AMK subscriber for a long time, we will come up with something else.

Thank you to all who responded!

Just. because 2CVs are fun

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