Heart transplants: Factory original or original?

Heart transplants: Factory original or original?

No wars have just been fought over that. But a lot of enthusiasts get spontaneous flaking in their fingers when a completely different engine is spiked in a classic.

Incidentally, that is an action that has long since upgraded USA zespitters to V8 machines. And quite a few Beetles are driving with Porsche or Subaru blocks.

In the US of A itself, there is a provider of built-in kits that can be used to equip Jaguar XJs with Chevy Small Blocks. The motto of that provider is - freely translated - "Make your Jaguar the car it deserves to be."

In the AMK issue of October we have an uninhibited story about an honest technician and classic enthusiast who has also performed successful heart transplants in two of his classics.

His XJ6 and Porsche 944 are equipped with…

Well: You can read that in the October issue of AMK


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