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An old wisdom: you can still dance, even if it is not with the bride. Honda shocked the world in 1969 with the revolutionary CB 750 OHC Four. That machine was voted 'the engine of the century' last century. But the Honda CB 750 was a (financial) bridge too far for many people. It remained a dream engine. And then there was the Honda CB 500 F.

Sometimes less is more

The Honda CB 500 F was a bit slimmer, lighter. Less fast. Less expensive. And in fact it was a motorcycle that was more pleasant to ride than the somewhat bulky early CB 750s. The Honda CB 500 F is made from 1971-1978 and its 50 hp made it rap enough in a civilized way.

A big technical difference with his big brother was that the Honda CB 500 F carried the engine oil in the block. The CB 500 also had a somewhat upgraded primary drive with a Hy-Vo spill chain instead of the ordinary duplex chain of the CB 750.

In England, the so-chauvinistic press reported somewhat reluctantly that the Japanese had five hundred the performance of a British 650. And he remained very convincing. In the early 70 years, the Honda CB 500s were used seriously on circuits. In 1973, Bill Smith won the 500 cc production class during the TT on the Isle of Man. The once famous Stan Woods was second on a Suzuki T 500 two-stroke win.

Four mufflers. Of course

Characteristic of the Honda CB 500 F and its family members from the time that it had to be clearly visible to the public that there were four cylinders on board, that were the four mufflers. And if those - due to short journeys with the resulting acid condensation - did not rust, they would like to be replaced by the sporty riders with screaming four-in-one systems as loudly as possible. 'Das Motorrad' once tested a whole set of replacement dampers. Most of them cost money instead of supplying it. But they all sounded really fast. That was also worth a lot at the time.

The original exhaust systems for the Honda CB 500 F are made again. They are well priced. But that is inherent in the technically high-quality, and complicated, parts of and for traditional Japanese people.

Spraying your Honda CB 500 F in the original colors also hurts the cut. But it can outweigh the purchase of still available NOS (New Old Stock). Stuff. For an unused tank without taps and so you can just have to tap more than € 1.000. Exhaust silencers can cost around € 600. Per Unit. And then you don't have the corners yet. Emotionally it can be fine, but on accountant grounds it is completely down to a classic Japanese to be reborn. You never get the costs out.

So it 'pays' to go hunting for a Honda CB 500 F for the most complete, original copy. And we are lucky that 'patina' is allowed today. The prices aside, there is still a lot of new stuff for these classics for sale. And searching internationally on the Internet there are also good or beautiful used parts to be found.

The Hondas were still among the 'universal' motorcycles

You could do everything with a Honda CB 500 F straight out of the crate. With a low steering wheel, offset footrests and a noise pipe you could race with it. If you mounted a higher steering wheel, a windshield and suitcases or bags, you had a serious touring motorcycle. Nowadays there is some appreciation for 'time original' (palms and pyramids on the tank, Lester cast wheels, a Dungeon four-in-one). But when it comes to 'value', the market will always go for original.

The time when motorcyclists unanimously thought that no traditional motorcycles could come from Japan is over

The time that you had a neat, used Honda CB 500 F for almost nothing is over. If you now have a beautiful, good CB 500, then you have a valued classic that you can enjoy carefree. And with a set of fresh Hagon dampers, conical head bearings and on modern Battlax tires you can be on the road at lightning speed. RECOVERY: drive 100 neatly.

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Honda CB 500 F original

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