Honda VF750. A Honda with a backpack

Honda had written history with the four in-line engines. So it was time for something new. The new Honda engine blocks were V4 engines. And they were technical highlights. But it didn't start as well as expected. The new four-cylinder camels turned out to wear out so quickly that the British thought they were equipped with 'chocolate camshafts', camshafts made of chocolate.

The kickoff was given with 750 cc. But the V4 range ran from 400 cc to 1200 cc.

Of course Honda solved those problems. But the reputation of the V4s had a nice tap. But a healthy Honda V4 engine is a blissful source of power. Only tinkering with it is just a bit harder than working on a CB 750 F in line with its single overhead camshaft and air cooling. The flywheel effect, entirely in keeping with the character of the block, is not too large, and if you take a little too much time to switch, the speed drop will soon be too large to enable real flash driving.

In the meantime, the V4 was of course technically very beautiful

It sounded beautiful. He was beautiful and characteristic. The rest of the HondaVF750 was also highly modern at the time: a frame of rectangular aluminum pipe from the time that the frame builders were still thinking in steel, but looking at aluminum. You could tell by the conventional frame layout. Also from that time were the 16 inch front wheel and the anti-diving device on the front fork. However, there was also a disadvantage of the 16 inch front tire, famous for its short popularity. The engine was seriously nervous under certain circumstances. Just as with the competition, it was also full of conviction that it took part in this fashion trend.

Look fast and go fast

A sports motor may look so impressive and still steer so well, if the performance does not come out, the picture is not right. In the case of the Honda FV 750 F, 88,2 hp from the specified 90 hp was found. The torque was less high: 70,6 Nm at 7500 rpm. Thanks to that high power and low weight, performance is possible that in its time is more reminiscent of an 1000 than an 750. A Honda VF750 thick 200 km / h ran completely unleashed. And where you can still drive that now? On the plus side: with the Honda you could also make fast tours. The fuel supply was good for such an 300 kilometer.

Honda VF750s then and now

In a test from 1983 it was concluded: “The Honda VF750 F is a high-performance sports engine that is well worth its price - f 12.490. Huge performance is coupled with excellent steering characteristics. ”In the meantime, the V4 models from Honda are not looking fiercely for the market. The Sabers and custom-like Magna's 'cannot be given away'. And the Honda VF750 on most photos is for sale in Arnhem at the unlikely company Loods 8. The machine has 8000 kilometers of experience and has to pay € 800, including license plate. That is below the current market price.

Honda VF750 Honda VF750



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  1. Nice engine, the km position will be 108.000 km. You buy them for the old iron price and if the engine remains technically good, there is still much fun to experience.

  2. I immediately sent the link to my daughter. Although, with 82 pkaas and about half the weight of especially Golwing, she would suddenly be much faster than Dr. Pa. Hmmm there are limits

  3. And that also applies to the follow-up: the VFR series.
    Fantastic bikes that, after Honda redesigned the block, are really bulletproof.
    A true everyone's friend á la Honda, but second-hand not worth a turd.
    I recently bought a '91 -er for the proverbial 'turd and two marbles'.

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