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Budel2009 Joan 071At Auto Motor Klassiek do we have just one proposition: what is wrong with the arrangement as it is now, or rather two years ago? All vehicles after the 25 year exemption from the MRB!

Nothing at all. Once created to protect Dutch Heritage against a new form of road tax, the ownership tax was added to an unexpected benefit. A complete flourishing industry was formed around it. One in which tens of billions of euros are converted nowadays. And therefore billions of euros in tax are paid over, employing thousands of employees. We do not only think of dealers, workshops and suppliers of parts and accessories. But how many sidetracks are there, companies that supply to the above-mentioned companies, event organizers, catering for those events and, most importantly, charities that benefit from it, import and export. An industry that has proven to be crisis-resistant in 2008. I dare not say that we have helped the Netherlands through the crisis, but we have certainly contributed. However, an industry that is largely destroyed by the current plans, if they go ahead.

Should daily driving in a classic be prevented? No definitely not. Because apart from being bad for the production of new cars - although that is not too bad - you have to drive around for at least 40 with an 'environmentally-polluting' car before you have caused the same damage to the environment, which is the production of one car according to 15 standards. 20 years ago. Based on an investigation by Greenpeace of a year or so back. (Does anyone still have this research?) We explicitly say standards of 15-20 years ago, because then the research was done. Based on used raw materials in the car itself, but also used energy, transport and whatever else is not involved. In the meantime, the amount of raw materials that is used in a modern car has multiplied.

To what extent is a car polluting the environment? And if that is the case, that 25 year old Benzen are so polluting, is that not due to the MOT requirements? Because all cars on the Dutch road network are MOT tested and must meet strict emission standards. So somehow the arguments don't make sense.

Do other Dutch people have to bleed to sponsor us? No, because the classic fan is not sponsored. The industry does not cost the taxpayer money, it only earns nothing directly for MRB. But that is compensated in multiple ways with what the industry pays in taxes. See above. There are rarely any subsidies involved, such as those with which other industries and goals must be maintained.

Do the Dutch then massively abuse the exemption? Abuse, no. Use it. But isn't that what the scheme is meant for?

But what is it all about? For money? To the environment? That is not the case, because the classic fan earns a lot in terms of money as well as the environment. So in this context we are still wondering: what is wrong with the 'after 25 year MRB exemption' scheme?


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  1. Do not find it very strange that people with a (net) tax-free car, who only drive such a car because it is cheap to drive (and not because they really have a thing for old cars), want to pay for something. Do not believe that it is really about the environment, but, although you see a lot of old diesels driving now, but about the money. But because of the massive use of this exemption, you could wait for this …… I do hope that there will be an arrangement for a) the very old oldtimers (which are never used every day) b) a 30 or 60 day card for people who use the oldtimer sporadically and c) a lower tax (such as the mentioned 25%) for the other oldtimers, which are apparently used more often. The latter is not very strange, and yes, it will probably cost me money too 🙁

  2. This story rattles from all sides, of course, and I already say that as an enthusiast. Someone who is not an enthusiast, shoots it down in three sentences.
    1. Which Greenpeace report?
    2. More resources, where are those numbers then?
    3. Why does it have to be 25 year while in the rest of Europe it is 30 year?

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