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Antwerp, going out, togetherOrganizations send out press releases. We get them at bushes. the approach is that a press release must be briefly clear and clear.

The shortest we received was: "Put that in AMK ....". We didn't do that.

Also against all rules, but overwhelming from the love that comes out is the message that you will soon be able to read in much shorter form in the printed version of AutoMotorKlassiek. Already a subscriber? That doesn't cost much and you get the magazine a week earlier than the kiosk,

Antwerp, going out, togetherOne of the top fairs in the Benelux, namely the Antwerp Classic Salon takes place from 28 February to 2 March 2014 in the familiar halls of Antwerp Expo. The salon is this year for its 37'th edition. The theme of this salon is "100 Anni Maserati".
Maserati was founded in 1914 by the six Maserati brothers. Originally they only made ignition parts such as spark plugs and ignition coils.
In 1926 they were at the start of the legendary Targa Florio with their first self-built racing car, the Tipo 26. He was governed by one of the brothers, Alfieri Maserati. This car immediately won this race. As a result of this success story, the Maserati brothers began to focus more and more on the construction of racing cars, with four, six, eight cylinders and even 16 cylinders (built on the basis of 2 eight cylinders in line).
The artistic brother Mari Maserati has meanwhile designed the legendary logo with the trident, based on the “Fontana di Nettuno” (Fountain of Neptune) in Bologna.
In 1937 - Alfieri Maserati had meanwhile passed away 5 years - the Maserati brothers sold their shares to the Orsi family who transferred their headquarters to Modena, where it is still there today. They continued the developments in racing and repeatedly succeeded in defeating German giants Auto Union and Mercedes. In 1939 and 1940, a Maserati 8CTF won the 500 Miles from Indianapolis. Until today this is the only Italian car that ever did this.
After WWII the thread was taken up again. The acquisition by the Orsi family was based on an 10 year contract. When this was over the brothers Ernesto, Ettore and Bindo founded OSCA. This company developed - under Maserativlag - several legendary sports cars with the A6GCS as topper.
The years' 50 and Maserati are undoubtedly associated with the success of the Argentine pilot Juan-Manuel Fangio in the Maserati 250F (see poster), with the world title in 1957 as the highlight. In addition, Maserati continued undisturbed with the development of various racing projects such as the 200S, 300S, 350S, 450S that were followed up in 1961 by the famous Tipo 61.
After a tragic accident during the Mille Miglia in 1957, in which a Ferrari ended up in the public with 12 victims as a result, it was decided to focus on the development of road sports cars in addition to racing. We remember the 3500 2 + 2 Coupé with aluminum Superleggera bodywork from Touring from that period. This was followed by the Sebring (with Vignale body), the Mistral and the Spider, signed by Frua. The first Quattroporte was launched in 1963, also signed by Frua. The Ghibli coupé was presented in 1967, followed by an open version of it in 1969.
In 1968, Maserati was taken over by the French manufacturer Citroën. This provided more - financial - options, which resulted in the launch of multiple models and larger production numbers. Citroën used the expertise of Maserati for the engine in the Citroën SM. Maserati, in turn, made grateful use of the know-how of Citroën in the field of hydropneumatic suspension.
The Maserati's Indy, Bora, Merak and Khamsin were models from the first half of the 70. However, the oil crisis threw a spanner in the works. Went into 1974 Citroën went bankrupt and was included in the PSA group. An Italian government fund kept Maserati alive. The Maserati technique would live a little further in special rally versions of the Citroën DS and the Ligier JS2.
In 1975, Maserati was taken over by Alejandro de Tomaso, a former Argentinian racer. In 1976 the Kyalami and the Quattroporte III were presented (Quattroporte II was once developed, but it was never commercialized due to the oil crisis).
In the 80 years, Maserati started to focus more on smaller - and especially cheaper - models with less sophisticated techniques, such as the Biturbo. The line of this Biturbo can still be found in the Shamal and Ghibli II from the early '90.
The Tomaso was a personal friend of Chrysler's big boss Lee Iacocca. Chrysler bought part of Maserati, which resulted in a collaboration: the Chrysler TC by Maserati.
In 1993, Maserati was included in the Fiat group. The brand became silent for a few years. In 1997, Fiat 50 sold% of its shares to Maserati's largest competitor: Ferrari.
In 1998 the 3200GT was unpacked, equipped with a double turbo 3.2 liter V8 engine that produced 370 hp. He was replaced in 2002 by the Spyder and the Coupé, which were in turn succeeded by the GranTurismo and GranCabrio.
In the meantime, Maserati was active again in motor sport. In 2003 they presented the MC12 that was used in the FIA ​​GT championship. In addition to various national GT championships and the American Le Mans series, the MC12 won the FIA-GT World Championship in 2005, 2006 and 2007.

"100 Maserati"
Organization: SIHA Salons Automobiles BVBA - Antwerp - Borgerhout
Location: Antwerp Expo, Jan Van Rijswijcklaan
Date: Friday February 28, Saturday March 1 and Sunday March 2, 2014
Accessibility: Ring Antwerp, exit 5, Wilrijk - Antwerp Expo
Exhibition layout: four halls, more than 20.000 m2
Exhibitors and participants: with 350 exhibitors and participants from fourteen countries including from Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Austria, USA, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland, the ANTWERP CLASSIC SALON a very successful balance sheet in 2013.
Number of visitors 2013: 26.550
Exhibition and sale of: vintage cars, classic cars, motorcycles, restoration companies and supplies, new and used accessories, interiors, maintenance products, rare literature, miniatures and models, art objects with the theme classic cars and automobiles, club stands and museums with presentations of their most beautiful automobiles
Opening hours: Friday, February 28, 2014 from 14.00:20.00 pm to 1:2014 pm Saturday, March 09.00, 18.00, from 2:2014 am to 09.00:18.00 pm Sunday, March XNUMX, XNUMX from XNUMX:XNUMX am to XNUMX:XNUMX pm

Entrance fees: adults: € 15,00
groups from 20 persons pp: € 13,00
students or 65 + pass: € 13,00
children up to 10 years under adult supervision: FREE

Concours D'Élégance - national club stand prize
On Saturday 1 March there will be an assessment of all stands by an international jury and club representatives. Particular attention is paid to the most beautiful and original club presentation and the most creative design of the club stands. For the best club stands, cash prizes will be made available in the amount of:
first prize: € 1250,00
second prize: € 750,00
third prize: € 375,00
The other participants will receive a gold-plated plaque in memory of the 37's Antwerp Classic Salon.
The award ceremony will take place on Sunday 2 March around 12.00 hour.
Concours D'élégance - for the most exclusive and original cars
An international and highly skilled jury is charged with the task of getting out of the more than 300 automotive jewelry. to choose the most beautiful and in the most original condition, divided into four categories.
The award ceremony will take place on Sunday 2 March around 12.00 hour.
Antwerp Classic Salon
The range of international classic car and classic car dealers and specialized restoration companies (from Belgium, Germany, England, France, the Netherlands and Switzerland) at the 37'ste Antwerp Classic Salon is particularly rich and exclusive this year. More than 12.000 cars are offered for sale on 2 m400, many of which will undoubtedly change ownership. Restoration objects, original classics and already restored classics. In other words: something for everyone.

Return to New
Internationally renowned restoration companies demonstrate their specialism at the 37'ste Antwerp Classic Salon and inform visitors, traders and collectors how professionals bring “OLDIES” back into top condition.
The Treasury of the fair - parts new and used
The 37'ste Antwerp Classic Salon has been known for years as the ultimate buying dorado for old-timer and classic car owners who are looking for parts for the most diverse automobile brands from times long ago. Approximately two kilometers of stands for new and used parts, accessories, interiors, maintenance products, scarce professional literature, nostalgic automobilia, miniatures, curiosities and art objects with the theme of old-timer / classic cars, and much more.
Enjoy at every level
The Antwerp Classic Salon is a pretentious fair for vintage cars. You can marvel at the impossible and what you can buy. You can walk there lily beards of Italian design and romantic English nostalgia. Yet it is not just a fair of expensive stuff. You can also find a nice Volkswagen Beetle or a Daf.
It is enjoyment on different levels. Every year a brand or model plays the leading role and this year it is reserved for 100 ANNI MASERATI. At the show stand cars from Italian museums and unique private collections are shown. The "Maseratisti Fiamminghi" club also offers its valued cooperation.

Ah, what the press department did not mention: Antwerp is a fantastic city. Go there with your partner for three days and also give her a day and a half. She keeps smiling until April ...

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