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Innocenti Lambretta scooter (1960)
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The owner of this Italian beauty did not buy the scooter with his wallet, but with his heart. He also had no plans to invest time in it, but to immediately award Quiryn restorations in the Westereen. If you first look at the condition in which it was purchased, you will probably be overcome by a feeling of despondency. You wonder whether the buyer has been sufficiently critical with the purchase and this wreck.

By: Dirk de Jong

Quiryn is well known in the classic world due to his years of experience and expertise. With the right knowledge, he knows how to successfully complete his projects accurately and professionally. Quiryn already had technical knowledge because he also privately owns a 1954 Lambretta scooter of the type LD 150.

Duration of the restoration: 6 weeks

Truly unbelievable, a project that had to be completely overhauled, new sheet metal parts, wiring, brakes, every screw had to be new. The wishes of the customer were decisive. Of course, the preparation took longer, because all parts had to come from Italy. And nothing was spared in that either. All parts came from a well-known Italian Lambretta specialist.

Museum quality

Quiryn: “It was quite a task for me to return the scooter to the owner. The restoration gave me a great feeling. Just looking at the Lambretta – shining again – was satisfying. This project was a challenge. Every detail was important, but the look and design will now show off in the new owner's office.”

Restoration is beautiful, but beautiful restoration is difficult. The pictures prove it. This artist is a gifted person, with the urge to express a second life of the Innocenti Lambretta in order to succeed with the highest degree of perfection.


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  1. It's nice that these kinds of companies and initiatives have found their place in De Westereen / Zwaagwesteinde, here in the Fryske Wâlden there are many old-timer enthusiasts given the cars, mopeds, motorcycles and tractors that drive around here

  2. Wisdom comes with age, stupid, nice article, taken from the heart.
    At the end of the 60s, my Zundapp moped had become very limp in its behind. Away; bought a Batavus Whippet with 2 gears for a few bucks, this didn't compare to my experiences (and adjustments) on the Zundapps that I, and Kreidlers that my friends had.
    But in the absence of coins (or parents) who at the time treated their infants with a Puch or Tomos and/or the girls with a Mobilette.
    In the meantime I got my motorcycle license… so looking for something stronger, literally on the “Boer”.
    And yes, Choice under the hay, Royal Enfield in total upheaval, CZ, BMW R25 and a Lambretta scooter…
    For HFL 100,00 it became the Lambretta, because I had seen how you could make a nice shopper after “dismantling” at the time…
    Sheet metal off – sub frame welded to the central chassis, for a buddy seat, nice Maico chrome tank for between your legs and the Whippet exhausts at the back with 45 degrees up along the backrest (Easy rider).
    In retrospect, I didn't enjoy it much, too bad, too bad, when I read this now...
    Well – afterwards! Don't even know where it went, but it's a nice memory.

  3. Great result! There you have it! In my shed is a sweet Jawa 250 cc Platom from 1957. In neat condition. Identical to the Jawa I bought in 1964. Such a story about this Lambretta inspires the engine once again to be completely in order!

  4. 2nd series, slimstyle is a lot slimmer
    my 175tv3 is just like when i bought it in mestre, no restoration but a new crankshaft and an oversized piston.
    patina is irreplaceable.

  5. Deliciously Italian (Lambretta, Vespa, but also Heinkel (German) They have also had the trade prices of another beautiful oldtimer for many years (8000,- is no exception)
    In 2006 I bought a new Vespa PX150 two-acter with spare wheel (similar model)
    The new price in 2006 was 2400,-
    With a windshield, you simply drive through a rain shower in your summer shirt at 100 per hour. You will only get wet when you stand still, wonderful and always a holiday feeling.
    The comfort of a car and free parking everywhere in front of the door and manual gear changes for the good feeling.
    Unfortunately got rid of in 2010, it was too dangerous for me to drive in the Randstad on the A10
    And also got rid of it because of the road tax and insurance that was higher in the Netherlands than my 1959 Cadillac.
    You see them far too little unfortunately. Every ice cream shop should have at least a few for decoration and use.

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