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Citroëns entry-level middle class with a virgin 24.000 kilometers

Citroën BX Nix

He seems derogatory, the headline above this article, but that's how the basic BX comes in Citroëncircles invariably indicated. In the frugal Netherlands, this absolute scraper version was in great demand, tactically offered just under XNUMX mille. Such a copy was kept in a fabulous condition and that has everything to do with the extremely low mileage. 

Text & photography: Aart van der Haagen

Such an incredibly beautiful specimen, owner Milan Peters feels a bit uncomfortable about it. “Imagine, the counter will soon exceed 25.000. I am already a bit uneasy about the thought. ”Apparently something similar played with the previous two owners, who used the Citroën BX also sporadically: 2500 kilometers in a year and 4000 kilometers in five years respectively. That actually falls short of the desire to travel of the first owner, or rather the total lack thereof. “It covered only 1986 kilometers between the beginning of 2013 and the end of 17.000. I know that Auto Boll in Utrecht once carried out the order and that the 1000-kilometer turn took place at Automobile Company W. Klok in Zuidwolde. ”In and around that village the Citroën years around, sparingly sipping fuel with its modest 1.4-turret. 

Bad brothel

The frugality will undoubtedly have appealed to the first owner, because he granted himself no more than the coolest Citroën BX from the price list. With a starting rate of 19.900 guilders, it acted as a bait in advertisements and possibly the buyer of the PB-64-FS found a nice discount, since a facelift was in the offing. Peters: “Personally, I think the model is by far the best, on steel wheels with only hub caps and without black strips on the underside of the side windows. I also like the dashboard much better. In the more expensive models, it has a fabric finish on the underside and that is very reminiscent of a bad brothel. ”

No poverty

After one of the doors falls into the lock, you can hear it echoing for seconds. "Well, insulation material in the doors is missing with this variant," the owner laughs. In terms of ambiance on board, you will not experience any sense of poverty, because the alternation of both and light brown tones provides a surprising mood entirely. Uh ... why would you save further? “Uh ... this car lacks a fifth gear, like the one on the Citroën BX 14 E. Above 110, 115 km / h the fun goes a bit off, then the car starts to make quite a bit of noise. ”The official specifications teach that the entry-level BX has to do with 10 hp less, 62 in total. It may be surprising how smooth the feather light Citroën can handle this and even allow a shifting driving style. No matter how well the car drives, Peters believes he belongs in a museum. “That's why I'm looking for an enthusiast who can take better care of it than me. One day I will regret it very much, I already know that. ”


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    • It is of course not the same story. The articles are much more extensive in AMK. This is more a kind of teaser. Moreover, there is much and much more in AMK than we publish on the internet. And generally not the same articles.

  1. Oh wow… a first series of BiX… you don't see that much anymore.
    With the old engine tilted backwards, later replaced by the TU.
    Does this one still have the steel hood, like ours did? (PX-87-HX)?
    Unfortunately, he is no longer alive ...

    Whoever is going to drive this BiX, be careful with it.

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