Lauwe Ausma sells his collection

Lukewarm Ausma

In the recent past we have once paid extensive attention to the unique collection of motorcycles, stationary engines, toys from the old box that the now 71-year-old Lauwe Ausma has gathered in his life. In that life he was, among other things, the man when it came to forklift trucks, but also overhauling engines.

On doctor's advice

Unfortunately, some time ago he was felled by illness, almost left the submarine, he recovered, but received urgent advice from his doctors to calm down to do. Therefore, also the monumental farmhouse, complete with various barns in which he has exhibited his collection consisting of at least 500 parts, goes on sale. Maintaining this property and the immense surrounding garden also took too much time. Elsewhere in his hometown of Roden, he managed to lay his hands on a nice piece of land on which a new, much smaller house - of course with workshop - is going to be built. Only a very small part of the collection can move along. Lukewarm Ausma can't help it, sitting still is not for him.

Keying to a Sunbeam ...

When we are with him on a drizzly, cold day, he is working on his stove in a greasy overall, working in his workspace. It is the turn of a unique Sunbeam two-wheeler. It has been a difficult decision. While talking we move from his workplace to a part of his museum. He takes a seat on a bar stool, ignites one bark hat, take a few puffs and you will see him slip into the past. Every motorcycle parked there, he completely dismantled and over again new made on it and good found. They are unique pieces of history one after the other.

Everything has to go…

Everything there, including special enamel billboards. Mopeds have also received his love. As the bark hat half has gone up in smoke, the collection of stationary engines must also be viewed. An immense machine is made talking. Everyone stroke self-igniter is a word. To arrive at a sentence, time must be taken for that. A unique tool hangs on a board. All goes away, as well as the openwork motors. Van Sachs, JLO, you name it. And not to forget the bicycles ... The whole thing becomes online auctioned by Troostwijk. The first viewing day, that of 5 January, has already been; the second takes place tomorrow, 23 March. Further information:


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