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Maintenance classic
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Classic cars sometimes need a little special attention. With good and regular maintenance you ensure a longer lifespan, less wear and tear, higher reliability and lower costs. Have the brakes checked, the filters inspected and the tires and oil level checked regularly so that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises.

When is a car classic?

In general, a car or motorcycle is considered a classic when it is 25 years old. However, tax schemes are only available from the age of thirty or older. So what exactly is classic? This can cause quite a discussion among car enthusiasts. We think it is enough if a car or motorcycle evokes nostalgic feelings in anyone. And often we are indeed quite in the direction with about 25 years. 


Do you have a classic car or are you considering purchasing one? Then it is wise to first know a thing or two about maintenance, roadside assistance and special old-timer insurance. The classic car insurance is generally the cheapest car insurance for true classics. 


An absolute must is a garage for the oldtimer. A classic is more likely to rust and show defects when it is parked outdoors, which makes sense. The first step in the maintenance of your classic car is the storage in a safe, dry place with the right humidity.

MOT for a classic car or classic

Classic cars older than 30 years must be inspected every two years. It doesn't hurt to have the car inspected annually. This allows defects to be detected earlier, reducing the risk of expensive damage. Oldtimers of fifty years and older are not subject to an MOT inspection obligation. For motor vehicles that were first used at least 40 years ago, you will also receive exemption from road tax. MOT is not maintenance, so keep in mind that you also have the classic well maintained outside the MOT. By regularly changing the oil, changing the filters, checking the oil level and sending the car to the garage every now and then for a turn, you avoid a lot of trouble. In addition, it is important to keep your classic car neat and clean.

Keep clean

If you plan to give your classic car a big wash, keep this tip in mind: Use two buckets to wash your car. A bucket of warm water and a splash of car shampoo. And a bucket of clean water to rinse out your used sponge every time. This way you keep your bucket of 'cleaning water' clean longer and you prevent scratches on your paint layer.

For drying, grab a soft cotton cloth or a microfibre cloth. These cloths absorb the water well, which is extra important with a classic. Some cars may have places where the water remains.

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