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Things are a bit smaller in a village than in the wild west of the Randstad. But here too, dentists and oral care practice collection buildings and GP stations are on the rise. And five serious supermarkets plus two small Turkish idems on a population of 15.000? We know that too.

My dentist has an old Harley

And the now retired village doctor had a dream. After his retirement he was going to phase out his little MG. Its restoration had already begun some twenty years before. Due to all kinds of circumstances - pensionado's are usually busier than during their working life - it didn't happen.

After a few years, the doctor's dream became the dream of one of his clients

The partially restored - and there was already work to be done - little MG got a new home, a then recently retired person. The buyer was not a born techie. But he could put his acquisition at the local DIY garage Rubocar is Spankeren. The agreement was that garage mechanic Ruud would assist in the event of technical problems. The new owner was not very pro-active.

A few years later, nothing had actually been done about the little MG

In the meantime it started to get in the way. In consultation, the project disappeared from Spankeren to ... a barn that was specially built for it. We have now been years ahead and the latest news is that the project is still untouched.

This is unfortunate in various respects

But the most sad thing is that such a super beginner project goes onto the beet bridge. The basis of the project was great. In fact, the MG was more of a kit than a challenging project. In addition, the spare parts provision for this type of British is the full 100%. And those parts are also cheap.

Handbooks for assembly and maintenance are full with trays. And for dyslexics, you can find various rebirths step by step on youtube.

A kind of Mazda Miata 1.0

User-friendly, small, easy to work on, inexpensive and a lot of fun. You do not need V8 or V12 to have an open plan. Because 948 cc was just enough. But the 1966 A series engine, available from 1275, made the story more fun.

In the meantime, the supply of these small open two-seater is still quite large. Because the generations of owners have often remained 'fun cars', many things have been changed and encrypted. That does not necessarily have to be bad and there is far-reaching understanding in 'the world'.

Before purchasing, check explicitly whether there has been a collision damage and / or a lot of rust damage and bear in mind that Americans can very proudly look at a restoration if they have actually made entirely new constructions with polyester and filler. We once saw a larger brother of the Midget who wore a putty layer of four centimeters under his richly glossy BRG paint. 'Bondo' is also a product name that has evolved into a species name. Just like in Indonesia they have 'Honda' as a collective name for all brands of engines.

And what will the current manager of this actually abandoned MG do with his property? We will ask him someday.


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