Mitsubishi Colt 1.2 GL Olympique Automatic. Nice to meet you

Mitsubishi Colt 1.2 GL Olympique Automatic. Nice to meet you
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During the eighties and the first half of the nineties, the Mitsubishi Colt from the generation 78-84 was a regular guest in the traffic scene. Today you hardly see this Japanese anymore. Christiaan Okkema, however, managed to get hold of a late copy. His Colt has a rare powertrain and is also a barely known action model. There is something else that makes the Colt unique: a mileage of just over 43.000 kilometers. The car was stationary for a while, but is back within the traffic picture. Because Christiaan uses his car as a daily summer car.

This Mitsubishi is actually not a Colt, but a Mirage. In Europe, however, it was sold as Colt, also because the name Mirage was not allowed to be used on our continent. Colt was historically a widely used name (and even a brand for a while) within the Mitsubishi group. He ended up in the books from 1978 on this Colt. The front-wheel drive hatchback was an excellent addition to the Mitsubishi range, which also took root in Europe during the second half of the XNUMXs. It is not for nothing that you saw the car regularly, but today it is rare.

Moreover, the combination of the 1244 cc engine (55 DIN hp, 90 Nm at 3500 rpm) and the three-speed automatic transmission is not common, let alone that you will soon find an Olympique version. To stimulate sales during the final phase of this Colt generation, Mitsubishi printed some extras (such as the rear window spoiler) on this Colt, which comes from the facelift series of this generation. So no excess. It fits with the clarity of the Mitsubishi, which comes across as very tidy and spacious.

On the surface, the Colt is already neat, but cosmetically there is still work to be done on the Mitsubishi. For example, Christiaan has the front spoiler refurbished. He did, however, install a new chrome frame on the front, which he ordered in Australia. “This generation of the Colt was delivered there until 1989. I was therefore fairly easy to get to, but that came at a price,” says the owner, who also installed decorative covers of a later Colt generation. “These look good on him”, says Christiaan and we agree with him.

Also in a technical sense, the necessary work was done on the Mitsubishi. The braking system (brake force distributor) received a makeover, and so did the power source. “The engine got a flush, and I had the carburetor cleaned ultrasonically. Initially, the power source did not run smoothly, but that has been solved with this work,” says Christiaan. You will notice what that means when you are on the road with the Japanese hatchback. The power source turns smoothly. In combination with the fine-working and almost smooth-shifting automatic transmission, it provides an economical, good-natured and modest characteristic. In this technical outfit, the Colt is perfectly suitable for daily traffic. No problem, as long as you anticipate a little. The fairly short final ratio of the automatic transmission (3,943) helps with this.

The aforementioned flexibility actually applies to the overall driving characteristics. The no-power steering system works precisely and requires little effort. The chassis provides a comfortable and stable suspension and damping. This is not only due to the excellent tuning, but also to the fact that the wheels were placed far towards the corners of the then modern-looking body. The course stability is fine, in the corners the Colt slopes a bit in French about. This contributes to the relaxed character of the sympathetic Japanese hatchback.

This also gave opportunities to design the interior spaciously. That is also a real plus of the Colt. You have a lot of freedom of movement. As a result, you never get the idea that you are locked up in the Mitsubishi. You will also be treated to a well-arranged service from the well-fitting furniture. Inside this Colt, which has been well-maintained from home, everything makes a tidy impression. And that fits well with the driving characteristics of the Japanese compact. Not only does he appear harmonious; he is too.

As mentioned: the Colt gets another cosmetic upgrade. That does not alter the fact that the first impression of this Mitsubishi is very positive. And also in such a way that we can reassure you that the car is not inferior to the European competitors at the time. In addition, you immediately recognize the Colt. Its long front, its smooth drawing and the large window area give the car its own look.

If you're in the market for a classic in this category, grab the chance when you come across a Colt in good condition. Yes, the parts supply can cause headaches in certain cases. But apart from that: you are assured of a nice driving, technically reliable and balanced classic, which you don't see often anymore. And that certainly applies to Christiaan's car, which is truly unique in this configuration.

Mitsubishi Colt 1.2 GL Olympique Automatic. Nice to meet you
You don't see this Colt often anymore, but it is recognizable out of thousands
Mitsubishi Colt 1.2 GL Olympique Automatic. Nice to meet you
Mastebroek Auto Service delivered this Colt GL Olympique new in the Netherlands
Mitsubishi Colt 1.2 GL Olympique Automatic. Nice to meet you
The Colt's 1.2 engine. Humble, friendly and flexible. Note the air filter, which has a summer and winter position.
Mitsubishi Colt 1.2 GL Olympique Automatic. Nice to meet you
Very fine working machine, with a wonderfully traditional layout
Mitsubishi Colt 1.2 GL Olympique Automatic. Nice to meet you
This mileage is real. And very low for a car from the end of 1983
Mitsubishi Colt 1.2 GL Olympique Automatic. Nice to meet you
Clarity is an asset within the spatially working and spatial interior
Mitsubishi Colt 1.2 GL Olympique Automatic. Nice to meet you
Do you rarely see a Colt from the 1978-1984; this designation is quite exceptional today. The Olympique equipment was a modest addition to the already complete GL version
Mitsubishi Colt 1.2 GL Olympique Automatic. Nice to meet you
Fresh facelift front that you may also know from the Lancer F. The headlights are no longer recessed into the units. Owner Christiaan replaced the chrome strip
Mitsubishi Colt 1.2 GL Olympique Automatic. Nice to meet you
The slogan that made Mitsubishi big in the Netherlands. Also note the roof spoiler, which was part of the Olympique action pack. The
Mitsubishi Colt 1.2 GL Olympique Automatic. Nice to meet you
On board the Colt you will find the period correct stereo radio with cassette player.


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  1. Very nice Colt.

    I've had 3 myself: 2 manual transmission (1st type) and a facelift automatic. Drove, certainly for that time, very well and also somewhat comfortable. At the time (1990 and later) sometimes changed cars (Golf 1, Kadett B and C, Escort, Mazda 323 etc.): the Colt was slightly smaller but certainly not inferior.

    And the only thing I still quite regret: I was offered a Colt Turbo during that period. I just didn't have enough money for it at the time and then let it go. But typical such a car of: if only I had done it…

    I disagree with the owner and the editors on one point: I think the hubcaps on this Colt look out of place, not pretty. Not because of the wheel cover, but these were from a later generation Lancer, Galant etc. I would personally go for wheel covers from that period or no wheel cover at all: at the time they were generally delivered on steel rims with those plastic chrome 'hub caps' . But hey, that's my opinion/taste.

    • Originally, this Colt was delivered with special Olympique hubcaps, the hub caps have been removed for this. Because the Olympique hubcaps have disappeared and the hub caps are no longer there, this solution was chosen.

  2. In the eighties several Colts were driven on LPG, petrol and diesel. In summary, they were impossibly reliable.

  3. Since 2021 I am happy owner for Colt bj.87 1.5 GLX automat. Now I am looking for a complete towbar. Would someone help me?
    Me Mobil 00310626900243
    Thanks in advance.

  4. Nice example, I own an original 1.2 Colt 5 GL 1985 door. It has only driven 38505 km, no rust and interior in new condition. I only drive it in the summer and always start with no problems.

  5. I had just bought a Toyota Corolla when Mitsubishi started in the Netherlands with the Lancer (1976). Unfortunately I have to say, because what a bad car that Corolla was. Rust like crazy. There appeared to be no primer under the metallic paint. So I would have preferred the Mits.

  6. My first new car was a Colt 1400 the interior was the same as this one but I had a 4 gear with power shift (you could drive economically or power, accelerate quickly. I had a nice car for 3 years until a Dutchman hit me at a traffic light ….

  7. With great pleasure drove a Colt GLX (1980 cc) from 1983-1410 with a P(ower) or E(conomic) position on the gear. So basically a kind of overdrive on every gear.

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