Money is a means, not a goal

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This message has to do with something that has to do with our hobby: with money.

Statistically, you can also be someone who is left with the pain of 'the product' usury policies. That was the unique banking concept "We promise you everything and take your money".

In that context, a great deal of water has already flowed under the bridge and a range of compensation schemes has been knitted together as a patchwork.

And whether the banks and other money packers have learned from this? No, don't be silly! They just came up with something else.

An AMK reader was recently allocated a compensation allocation. But the promised credit was not received. A phone call to the payer resulted in a surprising answer: The money could be invested for free in another product or, after deduction of 52% tax, paid out.

Our reader was not comfortable with that load. Why did it have to be paid? “That's in the law. It has to be taxed. " Our reader wasn't comfortable with that: “But if it's my money, then I still have to pay taxes on it. You have nothing to do with MY tax and income. "

“It is so in the law. It has to be taxed ”

Our waking AMK reader asked the telephone specialist's name and first name and told him that he had noted the case and wanted to resume the conversation after contacting the tax authorities.

The treasure guard on the other side of the line made another attempt to entice our reader to participate in the High Yield, Risk-Free Product. “Otherwise you really lose that 52% of your money. And that would be a shame ”.

Wise and careful by previous promises, the AMK reader closed the story with: “I now call the tax immediately, mail the blue envelope service and send a registered letter to the tax and TROS radar if necessary. Good afternoon."

The entire amount was in his account the next day.

That was a case of "Oh you can always try to bluff through it".

We'll just report it. Because you may also be offered such a fantastic compensation scheme. Maybe over a higher amount. And then the 52% really gets into it.

And do you know why there has never been a financial crisis in Heaven? There are said to be no insurance or banking managers in Heaven ...

But luckily there are also nice people. We received an email from Didier, Arnold:

Hello dear,

My name is Didier Arnold; I emailed you earlier without response. In my
first email, I mentioned about my deceased client whose family I can
don't get in touch, but you share the same last name as his and i feel
that it will be easy to introduce you to the bank as his
relatives for the bank to balance his benefit to you
us to share it goes. He had the amount of thirteen million
deposited five hundred thousand dollars before his death. The bank here has me
asked to present his beneficiary if there is one, or it will be okay
be returned to the government and it would be lost.

I am looking for your good faith help to the bank here for this role
presented so that documentation can be processed and payment
in your faavor. If you are interested you can contact me for more
information Comments: I have translated this letter to enable you to
Read and understand and I would like you to reply further to me
English if you can.

Kindly reconfirm your details below:

First Name ……………..
Surname first name: ……….
Country Origin: ……… ..

Yours faithfully,

didier Arnold

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