Motions for relaxing old-timer control diesel and LPG old-timers rejected

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Meeting seen from the air please mention photography V8 MeetingsBy Rob ter Huurne -

Today, the House of Representatives returned from the May recess and would vote on postponed motions that had been submitted just before the recess. These motions also included the motions of Member of Parliament Farshad Bashir (SP) to include the younger LPG and diesel old-timers in the transitional arrangement that will apply to petrol oldtimers from 26 to 40 years old on 1-1-2014 . When submitting these motions, State Secretary Weekers advised the House of Representatives not to support them because, according to Weekers, both LPG and diesel are used to make many kilometers and to be able to drive cheaply. In Weekers' proposal, petrol, LPG and diesel cars are only exempt from road tax from 40 years, and petrol cars between 26 and 40 years old are subject to a quarterly rate of road tax (with a maximum of 120 euros per year). prohibition not to use the oldtimer or to put it on the street during the winter months.

Weekers said in an earlier interview with the Tros that LPG is not nearly as clean as people think, because most old-timers have an unregulated LPG installation and therefore emit more fine dust than when the same car runs on gasoline. Moreover, Weekers was of the opinion that even with a quarterly tariff (transitional arrangement) the younger vintage cars on LPG and diesel can still be used to cover many kilometers, and the government does not want that from an environmental point of view. Weekers therefore advises owners with a younger old-timer on LPG to convert this back to a gasoline car so that it can fall into the transitional arrangement with the quarterly rate.

SP Member of Parliament Bashir believes that the owners of both diesel cars and LPG cars from 26 to 40 years are severely affected by the new plans and therefore need to be spared. According to Bashir, the younger LPG or diesel old-timers should also fall under the same transitional arrangement as petrol cars from 26 to 40 years. Bashir had submitted two motions for this: a motion for the LPG cars to be included in the transitional arrangement, and one for the diesel vintage cars to be included in this scheme.

These motions were unfortunately not able to count on a majority in the Lower House. Both motions were supported by the CDA (which still seemed to be in their election program for the abolition of the old-timer scheme), 50plus, PVV, SP and Party for the Animals. Because the PvdA and VVD would of course support Weekers' proposal, a majority for the motions was actually excluded from the outset.

By rejecting the motions for the younger LPG and diesel vintage cars, the new old-timer scheme seems to have become final. The Weekers proposal will now be finalized in a legislative proposal and will be approved later by the Senate. With this, the government seems to be putting an end to the long classic car soap, but among other things Auto Motor Klassiek have online petitions and campaigns to ensure that the government is changed.

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