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Following the story about the Münch, we received a response from Erik Meesters, the chairman of the Münch By Meesters Foundation. This foundation has been created to keep the ideas of Friedel Münch and Helmut Fath alive. These two high-profile constructors from German motorsport history had one thing in common; their engines had to be among the fastest in the world. And they did everything to achieve that.

At Friedel Münch, their efforts ultimately led to the birth of the Münch Mammoth, the first superbike in the world. At Fath to win the world championship sidecars in the 500 cc class.

Erik pointed us to a number of things about which he had better source information. Thank you for that.

A tribute, a history book

In 2013 the foundation has published the book Mit Herz und Seele, the complete history of Friedel Münch and Helmut Fath. Mit Herz und Seele tells the complete history of Friedel Münch and Helmut Fath and describes how Friedel Münch was involved in building and developing motorcycles from an early age. After years of building motorcycles for racing, he developed his controversial Münch Mammut.

Characteristic of Münch was his constant urge to experiment; on the basis of original design drawings, the book provides insight into never-before-published projects and plans. A detailed description is given of the legendary URS project by Helmut Fath, of course provided with original documentation.

Due to a coincidence, the Münch company in 1969 had become the owner of this project. Finally, the creation of the most recent Münch Mammut 2000 by Thomas Petsch is highlighted. The entire book is rich in historical and often unpublished visual material.

A book that is worthy of the brand

Performed in a luxury edition, with reading ribbon and hardcover. This 368 page reference work is printed in full-color, so that the 500 photos, many of which have not been shown before, are shown to their best advantage. The format is 240 mm with 300 mm.

The first edition is in the German language and consists of 1500 copies. If you want to order a book, send an e-mail with your name, address, telephone number and the desired number of books to That book costs € 80,00 excluding shipping.

The price level

Mr Meesters was also surprised by the 'fantasy prizes' in Münchland. We also think € 157.500 for a motorcycle is certainly not cat water. But in the current market image, where the prices of really very rare classics like monkeys climb over each other's backs, every form of reality is just far behind us. Mega investors and the most bored rich have discovered 'our market' as a speculation and revenue model.

And because those people have endless deep pockets, the world stops there. And even then something like the gift can be added. Not ours of course. But for example from the man we spoke to. He bought the winning car at every competition. Why? "Then he can't win from me next time!" Clearly right?

But for 'the trade', of course, if there is someone who wants to pay the grand prize, then the classic in question is worth his prize. But you can always be lucky. So we keep an eye on the advertisements in the Regiobode and the Brummens and Eerbeek weekly

In de tussentijd

In the meantime, we cherish the truth that all those top prices for top pieces are not relevant to us. Our employee Dolf Peeters got, yes, got a challenging Honda Dream project. A motorcycle that according to experts is never worth anything. He is very happy with it. He is looking for parts for his Dream. And after a lot of searching, someone has found that ... Dream is also looking for parts. Nice is not it? Dolfs T shirt is one of the blood bank. Our employee is a plasma donor. Have you ever thought about becoming a blood or plasma donor?

Thick 150.000 euro worth for the next owner? Why not?

Also valuable. But only for the current owner.

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