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If you do not dare to drive due to an eye problem that is temporary, but still feels too long, this is a precaution. After all, most drivers are completely blind. If you start steering by dead reckoning yourself, then that is asking for trouble. Out of self-protection, I decided to give my Guzzi to someone who had wanted it for a long time. For the first time in 25 years I was Guzziless.

So driving was not an option for a while, but tinkering quietly was a good second choice. Kiat Que gave me his TS250 that had been sitting in a corner for about eight years. And after all, I thought, I had always wanted to have an MZ TS. With eight years of standing you can get a lot of dust on your cardigan. For the first time in almost fifty years of motorcycling, I decided to do some cleaning first. I had heard about brushing before. There even appear to be professional motorcycle cleaners.

After days and days passed, I had a completely original MZ that was exactly 50 years young. And the thing still looked contentedly gleaming, even while radiating the perfect version of 'patina'. New exhaust bend underneath, a fresh rear tire, an air filter and a spark plug. Two liters of two-stroke Aspen in it... The MZ was ready for its, and my, future. I posted a few photos online and received a thumbs up and a Messenger message about it. That Messenger message said: “Is it for sale?”

I replied that the MZ was not for sale. That the two-stroke was purchased for nostalgic and therapeutic reasons. But when everything was over, I could only say goodbye and buy another Moto Guzzi. The response came quite quickly. One word, one photo: “Exchange?”

The photo showed a Moto Guzzi. Not an 850 GT, but a 1986 V65 Policia. But I still wanted to trade.
We did that without even talking about money or deep values. Fortunately, my exchange partner still had two Guzzis after saying goodbye to the V65. And I had one again. At least; almost. The MZ still had to be brought and the Guzzi had to be picked up. Fortunately, my buddy and I have a motorcycle trailer together and the trip was made without any problems. Also as part of the pleasant exchange, the petrol burned in the Volvo was exchanged for a nice bottle of Chivas. All in all, the whole campaign was a 'win-win-win situation'.

Life can be that simple: “Exchange?” But of course it only works if both parties have the same approach to life.

In the meantime, the Guzzi is on the bridge. It doesn't really need much cleaning, but there is plenty of small, clear and fun work to do. That is also therapeutic and I will start reducing my medication.

And if all goes well, this year I will catch the last rays of sunshine on two wheels. Then just persevere a little longer, and then it will be spring again.


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Mz ts250 vs moto guzzi v65 policia
Mz ts250 vs moto guzzi v65 policia
Mz ts250 vs moto guzzi v65 policia
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