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National Oldtimer Day 2019. Enjoy in Lelystad

National Oldtimer Day 2019
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The prospects for Father's Day 2019 are good. And that description does not only mean the findings of the weather women and men. Because the announcements of the organizers of the 35e edition of the National Oldtimerday 2019 in Lelystad do not lie. 100 year Citroën, 100 year Alvis, the Belle Epoque, a line-up with classic supercars, and especially: the Vredestein Trophy, in which participants participated in 400. And that was won by a jewel of a car.

For a number of years, the atmospheric setting of Bataviahaven in Lelystad has been the backdrop for the chic classic party. That is accompanied by a hefty dash of Pre War, rare everyday and exclusive post-war. When you walk through Bataviastad and leave this old-style stopping place for clothing hoppers, you will get into the right mood. This year it means that you are eye to eye with an impressive timeline of Citroën, which is also present with truly unique work (M35) because of its centenary. In the meantime, the port, the nice selection of Pre-Wars, a collection of supercars. There is a beautiful and rare BMW 507 coupe in between. A jewel of a Maserati, a beautiful E-Type Convertible and a DB5 in convertible trim furthermore also tell us that there were also subtle, yet decisive differences within the higher echelons. Here is the winner of today. Because this is the top level. So no.

Participants with wonderful heritage

Because we go further, and start with the endlessly seeming series of other participating classics of private individuals, carefully posted on the boulevard around the harbor, on two levels, the quay wall is getting higher and higher. Brand by brand, the range is largely together. Talking about exclusive. At the start of the quay, two Alfa Romeos unleash a new zest, the owner of the Giulietta Sprint Speciale tells about his trophy in graceful modesty. And that is beautiful. So beautiful, so original, so cool. Under the skin, the candidacy for the final victory cannot always be explained in words, but that feeling, that feeling. Despite the splendor elsewhere. That's how you know a day is beautiful. Can't break. Ahead there are beautiful counterparts. A spectacled beetle from 49 and an 68-er Type 1 show VW evolution from an era that water-cooled in Wolfsburg was still a distant future. DAFjes, Austins, a Honda S800 Coupé, they exude owner's love.

Unlimitedly beautiful Americans

Extremely impressive: the top of the quay, with incredibly beautiful Americans. The Cadillac models in particular are of an extraterrestrial stature and beauty. The Series 62 from Folkert Alta, once the protagonist in Auto Motor Klassiek. He is there, together with the sympathetic owner. A Fleetwood 75, an Eldorado, and the crazy Eldorado Biarritz. Open, too. At the same time, the lovely Dauphine, the Floride and the R8 are moving, which reveal charm in a very different way, like a Fiat 1100 does a bit further on. What about the almost antique delegation that will be celebrating its own centenary in the not too distant future.

British Best

Also nice: the English brands. Multiple Bentleys, big in size, big in shape. The Armstrong Siddeleys, they are there too. The brand has been in existence for 100 for years, but is unlike Riley and Citroën not included as a theme in the program. It does not spoil the fun. Not even at Karel Sauer who we spent two years at Auto Motor Klassiek Festival hit. With the same car, ten years younger than himself. Reunion with him and his son is pleasant, and we also grant them eternal glory in Lelystad for several reasons.

Respect for the organization

The parade, the competition, the competition starts. Carefully tied together and accompanied verbally by William van der Meulen, National Oldtimday nestor and partly responsible for the right atmosphere. Almost flawlessly he guides all the participants of the Vredestein Trophy past the jury with the necessary flexibility. You feel the respect for the man. Just stand by, put this down, get such sublime material to Lelystad, within that setting. There is so much to see.

Air and the perfect father's day gift

Lelystad provides air to absorb everything in a relaxed way. The composition and the setting make people relax and talk about what they see. Take in scenes. Men. Women. Children. They enjoy. Participants enjoy. We enjoy. With or without a hat. The fairly new location in an old atmosphere meets the real classic on the banks of the IJsselmeer. It melts wonderfully together. And that results in a mouth-watering Vredestein Trophy winner. The Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale. Italian design glory, good for an incredible and meaningful achievement, because the participation level is high in Lelystad. Just like the level of the organization, which is also responsible for the perfect Father's Day gift in 2019.



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  1. For those interested there is an album with + 300 photos available, as well as a list of the participating cars, all arranged according to the year of construction of the participating vehicles. the link is: - Once the photo album has been opened, you can click the “Toggle Slideshow” icon at the top right to start the slide show without annoying advertisements between the images.
    -The photos from this album may be used on your website, facebook, etc., as well as the link to the photo album. Enjoy, Bruno from Belgium.

  2. well, what a great event that must have been. Thank you for this article with all the photos

    Greetings from a warm YVR

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