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If you, as a true classic enthusiast, perform all the maintenance (and worse) on your trolley yourself, are you not turning your hand to also overhaul a dynamo? We have a handy tip in case you also replace the phosphor bronze canister.

Put it in the oil for a day and a night. Bronze absorbs oil, which in turn means that the dynamo is not in need of an overhaul after just a few thousand kilometers of classic fun.

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The December issue, containing:

  • restoration report Fiat 1900B Granluce
  • restoration report Renault 5 Alpine Turbo
  • Austin 3 Liter
  • De Golf Convertible and the Creme21 Youngtimer Rallye
  • restoration report Hoffmann Governor MP 250-2
  • Kawasaki GTR 1000
  • Fisherman's Ambulance Museum
  • Duplicate type designations Part XX
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The perfect reading material for an evening or more of undisturbed dreaming. It is now in stores. A subscription is of course better, because then you will no longer miss a number and you are also much cheaper. Not bad in these expensive times.

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