NOTE: First edition CLASSICSNL in Leeuwarden moved to October

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The organization of the CLASSICSNL classic fair has set new dates for the first version of the event. Initially, the trade show would be held from 11 until September 13 at the Leeuwarder WTC Expo. The trade fair now takes place from 23 to 25 October. The organization does attach an important condition to this: The objective with regard to the number of participants in the exhibition must be achieved. The location remains the same: the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden.

The reason for the delay is logical for Pieter Fokkema, stock market manager at the WTC Expo. “We just want to organize a well-organized first exhibition. It's very simple. We have set a minimum number of participants to give the fair a good start in terms of size, also with a view to the coming years. The strange thing is: CLASSICSNL lives enormously, but you feel and experience a lot of hesitation in the market. We have registered various participants, but there are also parties who are hesitant to make the decision about participation. The sentiment was different ten years ago. That is why we will continue to work hard in the coming period to bind the participants to us. We also raise a lower threshold for participation. We are fully committed to it. "

The organization of CLASSICSNL has set a new date for the debut version of the event. A final decision will be taken at the end of September. Photo: CLASSICSNL / WTC Expo
The organization of CLASSICSNL has set a new date for the debut version of the event. A final decision on transit will be made at the end of September. Photo: CLASSICSNL / WTC Expo

At the end of September a definitive answer about the fair's passage
Fokkema continues. “We assume that the new date offers us enough room to meet the target. However, should we remain stuck with the current line-up, we cannot do anything else than get a line through the event. At the end of September we will in any case take a final decision on the passage of CLASSICSNL. The exhibition manager finds it extremely annoying that potential visitors, participants and other enthusiasts must now change their planning. “We are absolutely aware of that. We have therefore weighed and weighed, but unanimously made this decision. "

Reports on website and in magazine Auto Motor Klassiek
Through these columns and the printed editions Auto Motor Klassiek regularly inform you about the new event in the Frisian capital. We have adjusted the data within the articles that appeared on this website. In the most recent edition of Auto Motor Klassiek the old dates are still listed. Unfortunately we were not able to adjust this in time, because the news about the delay was only announced after the latest edition went to press. For completeness, we report it again. CLASSICSNL is - subject to sufficient participation - from 23 to 25 October 2015 being held at the WTC Expo in Leeuwarden.

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