Older road users and motorcyclists

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When I, as a satisfied motorcyclist, put my service bike on the sidewalk, an old lady in an osteoarthritis-friendly pastry came to the parking lot at the Appie. Against the direction of travel. Very Very Old People should not be allowed to drive. But do it more often.

I did my thing and went back to my motorcycle

It turned out to be lying on the ground with the osteoarthritis-friendly pastry above it like a boy's dog climbing on the back of a girl's dog to see if the grass is greener. The hand-wringing gray-crested pigeon was surrounded by footmen. A friendly fat double-tattooed reported: “She has knocked over your bike. And she wanted to drive away. We have stopped her ”. The blue flush got involved in the conversation: “Of course I wanted to drive away. Everyone knows what a motorcycle rider is! "

"But if you had just left your telephone number?" I suggested

“Then you would certainly have found me! And you motorcyclists are all criminals after all. ”An acquaintance of mine from the Jawaclub was also seen as 1% Biker. The media destroy more than you would like. I looked into a pair of pale watery light blue soul mirrors and saw… Nothing. I can have a lot of respect for people. But age doesn't have to be a reason for respect. “Madam, if you were my dog ​​I would have put you to sleep. But now we just have to fill in the claim forms ”. A friendly youth who was also among the audience reported that she had photographed everything. I gave her my ticket. She lost herself like so many others. I am rentwordthere is no rentmoordenaar.

But my mood was changing

The collision had found her huge senior cell phone and keyed in 112. In a weepy tone, she reported threats, mass murder, pedophilia with minor bugs, and made a lot of things wrong. But uniformed people are under strict apple. "NEVER COME" on a notification. A matter of mismanagement, understaffing, an excess of administrative obligations and being structurally underpaid for years. What would you do for such a salary?

In the meantime it had become a nice run-up

Broadly speaking, the parties fell apart into anti motorcyclists and Ouwe Vrouwen Haters. The gray-crested pigeon refused to fill in a claim form. "Because everyone was out to blame her." "While motorcyclists were tight". "Krapuul" I knew the word. But never knew where it was stored. I also know my motorcycle. I estimated the damage. based on used stuff.

I mildly but firmly led the gray crested pigeon to the ATM to have an appropriate amount drawn. She protested, crying. I promised her a receipt. Then became seriously pissed off. That worked. I wrote the song for the hate greyhound. And was left with a net amount of 83 euros on the transaction. Beautiful.

In the evening two uniforms were at my door

I was threatened with violence and extortion. I explained the matter. Asked the uniforms to leave because I was flipping. A uniform asked if that was a threat. I told you it was a warning. They went away. Never heard of it again. Beautiful.


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  1. Freedom on wheels & bastards,

    Available in many sizes and ages. By convenience / inconvenience, time / no time, patience / impatience, upbringing enjoyed / not enjoyed, etc. I am an advocate of annual screening. and car license still worth? Get yourself heavily screened every 5 year. If I am no longer worth my driver's license, just drop me off, transport me on an automatic robot-worthy means of transport. Reading a newspaper during your ride. Of course I enjoy my journeys a lot, but when my time comes I realize with calmness.

    Fool, do you still have screening, can you still participate in traffic without going crazy?

  2. A fun piece full of humor with a grain of truth and typecasting. Especially in parking lots one receives damage and indeed no note under the window. My wife found a damaged spot on her car and waited for the owner of the car parked next door to return. He had passed the age of 65 for many years and admitted that boarding had become somewhat problematic, but the police had to come to fill in the claim forms. That the incident was not an incident was shown by the number of light dents around his car. However, I think one should not generalize for a specific group now. I therefore have another incident. A young woman, in her early 30s and probably children, drives in a residential area where a 30 km regime is approximately 60 km / h, does not give right of way, so emergency stop necessary, continues. arrives at the parking lot of AH drives against the traffic! Stops at the yellow line quite far from the sidewalk and goes to the payment machine. Blocks other traffic and gives the middle finger. This “lady” seems to be a bit more educated and probably sitting in all kinds of school groups, but also the first to think it terrible and whatever it is if a child is hit by a car in her neighborhood. So is the group of young drivers generally condemned? No in all groups are bastards.

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