Opel A Manta (1975) by Feike Jan. The ultimate sports car. 

Opel A Manta (1975)
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Owning a 1/1 model often leads to the purchase of a miniature, do you recognize that? But can it also be the other way around? In the display case in Feike Jan's garage is a small model of the Opel A Manta, exactly in the color of the Opel his father had.

By: Dirk de Jong

You already understand; the classic is often an 'emotional' product and that includes a story. Question: what are the (car) emotions based on that we all have? Maybe only a psychologist has an answer to that, but I myself register it as the Auto Motor Klassiek falls on the doormat. Because if you like oldtimers or youngtimers, a subscription to AMK necessary to make that surprise tangible every month.

The automobile phenomenon

It is often a combination of pure love and good memories with which some car enthusiasts such as Feike Jan surround their classic. It is not only falling for the charms of the four-wheeler, but also the irresistible appeal of the car because his father also enjoyed driving an Opel A Manta.

The blue Opel A Manta

Feike Jan: “I had been looking for an Opel A Manta for a while and this beautifully lined Opel (91-FK-07) finally became it. Extra nice is that the number 91 in the license plate is also my year of birth. When I was about eight years old, my father had a '72 blue Opel A Manta. He has restored this with the help of his father-in-law (my pake Sietze) and completely repainted it. My 'pake' was a painter and drove a VW Beetle himself, it was a pleasure for him to refurbish the Opel. In the end, unfortunately, the rust devil won and the Opel was scrapped after a few years with a completely rusted through chassis. Unfortunately 'pake' is no longer there, but luckily my own Opel A Manta reminds me of the good times when he was still with us.”

Opel's answer

In the 70s, Opel's answer to the Ford Capri came with the A Manta (named after the giant trough) and Rijdend Nederland (a car newspaper at the time) wrote: “The car is extremely elegant, very beautifully lined and is well cared for in detail. ” It goes without saying that Opel was pleased with the flattering comments from the Dutch trade press. It will not surprise you that Feike Jan fully agrees with what the motoring journalists wrote about the Opel Manta. For him, it is the ultimate sports car.

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  1. In the last months of the production of the A Manta, there was a version with an injection engine, the GT/E, rarer than many as Porsche 911, E-type etc.

  2. “(named after the giant trough)”, shouldn't that be “giant ray”?
    A trough is a deep valley in the ocean floor, yes there are also (high) mountains at the bottom of the ocean, but you normally don't see them, because there is some water over them. The deepest trough is more than eleven kilometers below sea level.
    A ray is a flat fish somewhat in the shape of an Opel Manta. There are rays of about 50 centimeters long (and wide), for example in the sea aquarium in Scheveningen and Vlissingen, you can stroke those creatures just like that, and there are also larger specimens, it is better to stay at an appropriate distance from them, which are called Manta . They can be about 7 meters and your Opeltje will stand out a bit.

    Nice such an Opel Manta 1. Exterior infinitely nicer than interior. But hey, an old saying goes “it's about the outside, not the inside”.

    • The designers of that time have long retired.
      When I see what monstrosities the modern Mini Cooper and VW Beetle have become, I have little hope for a beautiful new Manta. (the modern Fiat also gets uglier with every modernization from year to year),
      It must be me, but apparently ugly is the new beautiful, so my love for old-timers grows every year.
      It is therefore always nice to see an original Manta and nice that there are enthusiasts who cherish this.

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