Opel Commodore GS Coupé from 1975. Style and spirit for Henk de Haan

Opel Commodore GS Coupé from 1975
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Shining with pride, Henk showed his Opel Commodore GS Coupé. The top model from the 70s, which was marketed as the strong young generation of Opel. This GS version has been in the family's possession for 20 years, first from his father Cees and from 2010 Henk's hobby car. 

By: Dirk de Jong

In addition to this Opel Commodore GS Coupé, there was also a four-door version. In addition, there was a version in GS / E version. The latter was equipped with electronic petrol injection.

For gourmets

This Opel Commodore GS Coupé is for gourmets. It is appreciated for its elegant lines and impressive performance. Not a car for everyone. It was a car that was out of reach for the masses. If there were no financial constraints, it was a car with luxurious and sporty driving pleasure. And certainly now as a classic hobby car to the heart of Henk. For him a high-class car and he draws attention to events. This Opel Commodore GS Coupé was the strong young generation in the 70s and Henk is today with his 26 springs.


The appeal is not only determined by the speed of this Opel with a 2,8 cylinder engine, but also by the comfortable handling. And let's not forget that his hobby car looks like it has just left the showroom. It's no wonder that the Opel looks so incredibly beautiful after 45 years. As classic enthusiasts, we like to marvel at the new glossy paint. 

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Opel Commodore GS Coupé from 1975
Opel Commodore GS Coupé from 1975
Opel Commodore GS Coupé from 1975


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  1. I preferred that rigid rear axle of the Opel to those life-threatening oscillating axles of the Mercedes, where the car started to swing considerably with emergency stops at high speed, and the GM automatic gearboxes were also better than those of the Mercedes!

  2. Of course a beauty of a car, he already was at the time and he still is. And you can count on it driving perfectly. The only selling point of Mercedes and BMW was that they did not have a rigid rear axle and this large Opel does.

    Purists will not like the Senator three-liter engine. That is often done, because this engine performs a lot better and is ultimately simply more maintenance-friendly than the 2800S engine that debuted in 1966 in the Kapitän and Admiral. Also, the original steering wheel has been replaced by a not very seventies-like copy and so there are more things that have changed, and that is of course just the choice of the owner.

    A beautiful car.

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