Pavarotti and Maserati

From 1963, Luciano Pavarotti had a connection with Maserati until his death
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On October 12, Luciano Pavarotti, who was born in Modena in Italy, is said to have been 82 years, one of the most famous opera singers in the world and, according to many, the best tenor of his generation. Were it not for him that he had already left the submarine on 6 September 2007 there.


Born in Modena, the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari and his cars, the direct heart of the Italian edifices, such as Maserati, De Tomaso, Pagani, the heart of Italian craftsmanship, it could not have been said that the tenor became the brand-met's ambassador -the trident. Thus he moved from the early 1960s to almost his death, proud of many types, from the Sebring, Kyalami to the Quattroporte.

Longterm relationship

He bought his first Maserati in 1963 and opened the doors for a long-term relationship with this car manufacturer. It is not difficult to see what appeal the Sebring model had to the public. In addition to the beautiful design, the more than excellent performance, it was also possible to order accessories that were not available on any car at that time. Basso continuo, passione?


The Quattroporte II for example. On paper it all looked promising, with the drive and hydraulics of the Citroën SM, the design of Bertone and the chassis really Maserati. Unfortunately, only 13 units were born because of little 'power' and front-wheel drive that the serious Maserati enthusiast was not impressed with. The end of the relationship with Citroën meant the inevitable death stab. The car was only for sale in the Middle East and Southern Europe.

Quattroporte II

Of these 13 pieces, there are almost certainly four 'left over'. One was offered for sale a few years ago. The car, dating from 1974, had been completely restored by its owner, with money playing no role whatsoever. Top prizes have been won at high-profile competitions in the past decade. The car used to be at the Paris and Turin motor shows. If so, it would be chassis number AM 123.004 and this one is considered by experts to be the prototype ... Despite a lesser experience with this model, Pavarotti Maserati remained a fan.

Engine noise

The opera singer was very pleased with the Kyalami, a performance not often talked about. The four-seat GT, signed by the Ghia studio, looked better than the DeTomaso Longchamp on which it was based. Unfortunately, this model was also unsuccessful. The engine sound of the Quattroporte III was perhaps closest to the V8 engine sound that Pavarotti adored and that in collaboration with the design that Giuigiaro had given it? A beautiful, fast four-door limousine, la donna e mobile? The relationship between the Pavarotti family and Maserati still exists today. The Pavarotti Foundation, which must offer talents the opportunity to break through, still gets cars from Maserati to take them to concerts and events.

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From 1963, Luciano Pavarotti had a connection with Maserati until his death

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