Daimler V8, lucky in an accident?

Daimler V8
Well ... and there you stand to make the best of it
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You know, the sun is shining, nice on the road, cutting it off and occasionally taking a break at a gas station, this time on the A12 from Arnhem to the west. Of course always open your eyes for special things that you can come across on such a beautiful day. Then you suddenly see a Daimler V8, about ten meters behind it, an ANWB car ambulance. That's bad luck. 

Nevertheless, the driver and his companion do not seem to be so upset about it, or at least make the best of the situation. The folding garden chairs are parked on the roadside and Mrs. and Mr. are sitting at ease waiting for what is to come. Impressed by the whole picture, the photo was taken quickly from the other side of the motorway. The decision is immediately made to reward these people with a free annual subscription to AMK, perhaps a bit of luck in the event of an accident, after which the photo goes online to our Facebook page at the same time. With the call or the unfortunate classic lover with a happy outlook on life wants to report. It takes some time, a single response from someone who is not the owner, but who also likes such a free subscription. Until a week or something later the owner turns out to be completely old-fashioned by telephone. He was unlucky.

Simon Sour beer

The story on our Facebook page was picked up by a member of the Daimler Lanchester Owners Club, then signaled to the chairman and thus Simon Zuurbier was informed of what had caused his breakdown. He is the owner of the Daimler V8. Simon: “I know your magazine very well and am happy with the annual subscription offered. I need to provide some background information about this breakdown. "

That's always nice: “We have a number of things very well organized in the Netherlands. Better than any country in Europe. Within five minutes, a RWS car appeared and advised us to drive off the hard shoulder into the grass verge. That partially succeeded. The ANWB / Wegenwacht arrived within twenty minutes with a so-called spoon wagon. But because I was partially on the roadside and the V8 has an automatic transmission, he started an investigation on the spot. He and I found that the SU fuel pump was not delivering enough. He then called a colleague who has a number of separate fuel pumps in his car. It arrived within five minutes and connected a solid state Facet pump within the next five minutes. ” Simon bought the car 5 years ago in Brighton, it is originally English and therefore also right-hand drive. The car has never been restored, but "kept on the road by 5 owners."

Apparently Simon Zuurbier is often on the road with the Daimler, as he says every year a trip abroad, often to England. Simon continues his story: “At the beginning of May this year I was on my way to Alsace with The V8. I also had bad luck in Luxembourg. The engine suddenly ran out of power and I had to quickly get onto the hard shoulder. I will spare you the details of how to deal with this breakdown. Not many agencies work there on Saturdays. I have not been able to consult with a roadside assistance on site. My own diagnosis was Vapor lock. It was then 34 degrees in Northern Europe for three days. But after returning home I "chatted" on the forum of the DLOC worldwide and it turns out that this hardly occurs with a Daimler V8. My suspicion is now that it was then also the fuel pump that did not work. After returning home I disassembled the pump and rattled it on the workbench with a separate battery, and checked the filter. Everthing allright. So the question remains what could be the reason that an electric SU fuel pump does not work for a while? I have now ordered such a Facet pump to be able to drive again as soon as possible. ”

Why does the pump refuse?

“I have to have an expert determine what is wrong with the pump. The dots have been polished and on the workbench he turns like a tierelier. But apparently he stops for a while while driving, "says Simon. So what could be the reason that such an electric pump does not work for a while? Are there people who have the same experience and know more? We are curious. and we pass this on to the enthusiastic Daimler V8 owner.


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  1. These standard answers come from people who occasionally hear something but do not know where the clapper is…. Have been driving a 16 Land rover for 1970 years. Little to no problems! Most reliable car ever had!

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