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Des malles bombées, trunk enlargers. And a silly bombée, that's just one

Those were things that many French people thought they could make a living with. And for which type of cars was the increase in trunk space the most important? For 2CVs of course.

Because in a test from the early duck years it was already noted: “We could not put more than a small, a medium and a large suitcase from our standard suitcase set in the luggage space of the 2CV.

Sizes of the cases:
1 = 54 x 38 x 17 cm (= 35 liters)
2 = 64 x 43 x 18 cm (= 50 liters)
3 = 74 x 54 x 20 cm (= 80 liters) ”

The 2CVs were once conceived with the idea that two farmers could drive them across the field to the market with a box of eggs and a bag of potatoes.

By the way, we found those agricultural roots back on Wikipedie, the dialect version of the real wiki: Oet Wikipedie, the vraaie enzyklopedie

De Citroën 2CV or the graft (Dutch for duck: duck) is a car of the French car manufacturer Citroën† Its abbreviation stands for “deux Chevaux Vapeur,” which means “two steam pears.” 'Chevaux Vapeur' is a French measure for calculating the road tax. The 2CV is built between 1948 and 1990. About 5 million of these were built during those periods. The exterior of the 2CV is designed by Flaminio Bertoni who was also responsible for the exterior of the ID/DS and the TA

Nicknames (save / save source code)

In France the 2CV was nicknamed “La Deuche”, in Flanders it was “de Geit”, “het wippertje” or “iron”, in the Netherlands “Eend” (ent) or “Ulijk Eend” (lilly ent), in In Germany it is called “Die häßliche Ente” and in England “Tin Snail” (tin slek) eneumd

More luggage space

Soon there were people who thought that it would be best to expand the luggage space without having to buy an 'order duck' for it. Moreover, such a loaner only had two seats. And that placed restrictions on people who, for example, wanted to transport a couple of children instead of two extra bags of potatoes. We do not want to suggest that the 2CV was the first ever SUV in the world with such a silly bombée, but the increased luggage space was a success.

With the 2CV ALP, the ducks where the folding roof no longer ran to the bumper, but which had a boot lid, the luggage compartment extension became easy.

Quite a lot of providers

As mentioned, there were several providers on the trunk enlargement front: Raoul, Speed, Tourette, Record. And they are not all that yet. First, in the garter duck time, that extra luggage space had the looks of the 'suitcases' TA. They were knocked out of record. Later bins were made from simpler machined sheet steel, fiberglass reinforced polyester and the latest generation is from some kind of thermoplastic.

Finding an original trunk enlarger is already a hobby in itself. You can even order the new copies by email. The assembly of such a friendly bulge can even be done by people with two left hands.

Also to scale

The result is a Duck that deviates from its factory origin, but that is very time original. And Norev has made some very nice models of it.

By the way, if you have an 2CV where the original trunk has been damaged by the ravages of time, then you are much easier off than your fellow enthusiast who is looking for such a silly bombée. Because via the only poultry branch that is not damaged by the egg scandal, duck specialists can simply deliver all sheet metal parts completely new and for the nicest prices.

Norev models. And Norev stands for 'nos reves'. our dreams ...


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  1. I would like to point out that an error has crept into the 2cv malle bombees article.
    The nicknames that make it small citroenThe goat, the duck, and the ugly duck were indeed, but certainly not the iron !! The name iron was used for the large models such as the DS because they really do have the shape of a scrape iron. You can see that very well if you stand behind it obliquely. Grtjs.

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