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Peugeot 203A and Mille Miglia 2021. A report from thousands in AMK 10-2021

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Dreams and dreams come true. Buby den Heeten and Joost Bindels did so in June 2021. They drove the Mille Miglia with the Peugeot 203A from 1951. Ellis Blase from Peugeot Netherlands introduced us to the Dutch team. It resulted in a nice report about the adventure in Italy, the Peugeot 203A and the background of the Mille Miglia 2021.

A matter of just giving up and driving around Italy. Those who are not familiar with the Mille Miglia will come home with those basic principles of a cold fair. Mille Miglia participants know that, and Buby and Joost gave photographer Bart Spijker and the undersigned a deep insight into basically everything that comes with the illustrious rally. Indeed, the Mille Miglia is today called a rally, it used to be a race.

dream come true

For Buby and Joost- Team 183– a dream came true. In fact, it started with the choice of car. You can't just participate in the Mille Miglia. The car must have been on the official historic Mille Miglia start lists from 1927 to 1957. In addition, it is important to take into account the wish of the organization to have as varied a fleet as possible to participate. Buby and Joost chose the Peugeot 203A from 1951. And were drawn for the Mille Miglia 2021. The cork could be removed from the champagne bottle, a long and intensive preparation could begin.

Legion of regulations and requirements

Before the first meters were covered in Brescia, a variety of regulatory requirements were reviewed. The originality requirements are numerous, a lot of documents have to be reviewed and signed, technical inspections take place and finally - when all documents have been signed and the technical Mille Miglia committee grants approval - you can drive. Buby and Joost got that permission, the Peugeot got a place in the Registro Mille Miglia, and the Dutch team was waiting for a wonderful adventure.

More than a life experience

For four days their lives were dominated by hundredths of seconds, special stages, stamping posts, anticipating and navigating. But above all: of unforgettable impressions, of total car madness, of undisguised pride, of passionate audiences. The memories are still priceless, and they will remain so. “It's more than a life experience,” says Buby.

Hassle-free through Italy after excellent (p) repair

And then the car, also not unimportant during the Mille Miglia. The Peugeot 203A had to be infused just before leaving for Italy. That's called: the rear piston had to be overhauled. The Peugeot 203A was prepared down to the last detail anyway. A pleasant science. Buby and Joost completed the Mille Miglia without any problems, the end result was also above expectations. Moreover, it is no easy task to complete the Mille Miglia with a car that is 70 years young as accurately as possible. Our driving experiences with the Peugeot 203A during the report day confirmed that image, and increased our respect for Squadra 183. Nice: the Italian dust was still on the sheet metal of the seventy-year-old 203A.

Nine pages in AMK 10-2021

In Bergharen signed Auto Motor Klassiek a beautiful story that gave a glimpse into the deepest caverns of the Mille Miglia. It resulted in a beautifully illustrated report of no less than nine pages with Mille Miglia backgrounds, handicaps, secrets and personal stories of driver Buby and navigator Joost. And of course we also describe the history of the Peugeot 203, the first post-war Peugeot that remained in production for twelve years. Read the story in Auto Motor Klassiek 10-2021, an edition that is once again full of everything that fascinates the classic enthusiast.



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  1. It is of course unique to experience such a rally. My son and I also have beautiful cars, but not one car from the year 1927 to 1957. I did visit the “Museo Mille Miglia” a few years ago. For me and my son this was a unique experience. What beautiful cars are there in the Museum and these cars are all participating in this famous rally.

    ABC 2802

  2. Nice story to read, that while THIS is NOT about cars that have my interest !!! … But as the story progresses, I STILL get interested, and at the end I think it's BEAUTIFUL !!! …

  3. I have never driven the MM as a rally driver, but I have made many reports of many years as a Press and I have also been able to taste the atmosphere that prevails around this fantastic event. This is also only possible in Italy, because in other European countries people immediately complain about the environment. It is wonderful that you were able to drive this car and that you were able to experience this experience yourself. I totally sympathize with you.

  4. by the way that italian fabric that made me think like the Royal Belgian paratroopers the order
    When they had to recover in the Congo and Katanga, once they returned they always came back to parade neatly before the King in his palace in Brussels, but still with that red African fabric on the boots, jeeps and trucks. No, then the Mille Miglia is a better adventure, you didn't see that many 203As at the time, but the next type with the large rear window and changed grille, which was popular and you saw a lot. I can still hear them accelerating with that typical out-of-sync howl of first gear

  5. What a wonderful adventure and that in my favorite car from the past !!
    Congratulations guys on this result.

    Look forward to reading the entire article to see what's involved.

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