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Sometimes you have a chance meeting where the owner is eager to show his 'small classic car' to others. He was willing to reveal that he was a big fan of small classic cars such as the Italian bambinos (Fiat/Autobianchi) and English saloons such as this Austin A30. However, we didn't get to hear the story behind the car, so we thought it would be fun to dive into the (advertising) past of this 'everymans' car.

By: Dirk de Jong 

This compact 4-door saloon was introduced in 1951, and the Austin shows that the constructors were masters of square centimeters. Just a nice little car with ordinary performance for ordinary people. The photos prove that it hasn't lost any of its appeal, the charm still persists, especially in this beautiful bright red paint.

Yellowed advertisement from 1956

Nice to read the text of this advertisement from the 50s: “Nice, a new Austin. I have to say it's a sweetheart… really… It looks unique, and what a beautiful upholstery, and that space…. You know what I also like so much? We first went to our parents to have them admired, funny isn't it?" Whatever has changed over the years… the Austin still as distinct as it used to be. It has cachet… style (but now as a classic).

city ​​car

The city car of the disappeared Austin brand is still full of character and will probably not be found much in the Netherlands. Fortunately, there is another club of A30/A35 owners that wants to be a social connection point with like-minded people. Help each other with restorations and the supply of parts. And don't forget to promote conviviality and togetherness in the club.

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