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Dolf SidecarThe local motorcycle salvage is a place of pilgrimage. Joost has lots, lots and lots of Japanese stuff. From 1970. And recently a BMW. A Genuine R65 TIC. But that was a funny mistake. Just like the Ducati Paso that once stood in a corner blushing and shy.

The more you come the prices get lower

Moreover, there is always a cup of coffee for regular customers. Even if you don't buy anything, the trip is always an instructive excursion. Because let's face it: you don't find a GS 750 in real Frans van de Waal custom paint outfit every day. That was once the pride of the whole neighborhood. Perhaps Frans would like to buy it for his museum for a lot of money. Hunting for a dynamo for a vague project in the making, Joost pointed back: “There's a clapper that has just arrived. Look behind that, there's a box with Kawasaki dynamos."

The winner was a wrinkled Kawasaki ZX12R.

The recently brand new thing was as convincing as Balkenende 4. Dismantling a dynamo yourself is of course more fun than checking stuff in a container. So the Kawa was a wreck. But dynamo-technically it was a party. Nice little run and as clean as a new one. Beautiful! Everything that we unscrewed and that was broken was allowed to go in the metal and plastic container. Motorcyclists also engage in waste separation. This self-tinkering saved Joost's staff again disassembly time and also brought the buyer a profit. So a win-win-win situation.

Well arranged. Then you get to talk to Joost

About what happened and how it is now. And what happened to the pilot. Joost knew about the hat and the brim. Because he had bought the bike from the owner himself. And that owner was now in a wheelchair. With necessary physical limitations and a serious scratch on his religious beliefs.

The almost perfectly established second-generation fellow countryman has been a motorcycle enthusiast since his earliest childhood. The fat Kawa was his third motorcycle and the pride of his life. He loved every mile. He collected fines like a squirrel nuts for the winter. That is also very Calvinistic.

And then came that long, continuous curve

He had convincingly misjudged it. At three quarters he noticed that it was going to go wrong. And then his basic programming took over from his VRO driver training. He straightened his back, lifted his arms to the sky, and invoked the help of his Creator. It was not online at the time. But the ex-motorcyclist was at peace with it. "Inshallah." “It is God's will.” That is the same approach that leads residents of our own Bible Belt not to vaccinate their children. Who makes the Jehovah's refuse blood transfusions. Having respect for others is not unkind. But you just shouldn't try to understand everything. And sometimes it's better to steer than pray.

There is a time and a place for everything. However?

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  1. Self-driving, delicious.
    I often came to De Wetering in Weteringbrug for parts for the car.
    Nowadays less, because my type of car is barely there and I don't have the time.
    But I think it's wonderful places to get affordable replacement parts, or options / parts that were on the option list for other cars, but seemed unnecessary to the first owner of your car.

  2. Joost is an unbelievably good guy, always ready for help and no gossip.
    Used to come more often than now, but my old Japanese actually doesn't let me down since it was built.

    It was always nice when I was allowed to walk straight on to dig into the racks and bins, while other waiting guests just had to stand in front of the counter.

  3. Dear Dolf,
    what a relief to read that there are still people who dare to place a critical note regarding faith. The way you sketch it is reality, Inshallah….!

    I'm surprised that a moderator with a religious background obviously didn't delete your article 🙂 Unfortunately there are too many Intelligent people who are actually a bit “stupid”.


    • Hi John, We try to look at life here in uninhibited, mild amazement. Everyone can believe what he/she/it or them wishes. As long as they don't start telling us what we should believe. The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a must by the way

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