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If you remember that Honda CB 750s were recent occasions in your youth, then you already have quite a bit of history. But standing still is decline. And today's motorcycles, even the mildest middle class, are incredibly much better than that icon from the last century.

The current toppers are so phenomenally potent that they have all kinds of helpers on board to assist the helmsman. To keep things on the road. It's progress. You just have to go along with it. Smartphones are such things too. The first cell phone I got from the then 'kumpannie' weighed a kilo or some, ran on steam and had a drawer to put the coals in. Since then, I've lugged a ton of those things and lost a handful, including several smartphones. Recently I bought a mobile phone again on the advice of an enthusiastic youth; my first iPhone.

So I purchased an iPhone. A 'refurbished' copy. "Refurbished" means: restored to new condition. That suited me. Because a fresh iPhone proved inexplicably expensive. 900 euro is a lot of money. I already knew that 'refurbished' phenomenon from the Dutch 'Motorwerk'. They sell 'refurbished' Chang Jiang side valves and Enfields there. And those are fine things, as if it were with the limitations of an 75 birthday concept.

The salesman in the refurbished apple store had an forearm full of tattoos and a beard. He had to know everything about smartphones. I made myself a refurbished iPhone. Including iTunes Store, iBooks, shares and 'home' icons. And I soon noticed that the battery capacity of the device was only six hours. If only I had him on standby. If I put the thing charged in my pocket, it was empty just before Paris. The battery gurgled drained during use.

When I went back to the apple farmer, it turned out that the limited duration was just an iPhone thingy. For the sake of convenience, 'Eight o'clock' was translated into 'A day'. I think in days of 26 hours and thought of the software that could turn a two hundred horsepower moto into a docile sheep. But what good is that 200 hp if only two liters of gasoline can go into the tank? Just as much as on a smart GSM with an empty battery. After the message to the supplier, I received a list with 30 (!) Tips for reducing the electrical consumption of my iPhone. Plus the advice to purchase a me and 'powerbank'.

I wondered how successful BMW, Honda, and Harley would have been if they had marketed a product with such limitations. And to what a miraculous height, Harleys would already have had phenomenal PR if the legendary brand would have had the marketers of Apple. "This motorcycle is sky-high due to marketing requirements and we recommend that you do not use it to prevent malfunctions within the warranty period". Something like that. And then get away with it too. Top!

When our son came to visit, he was clear: “iPhones are for trendy people who have always wanted their whole life to hand. You just live your own life and see such a thing as a tool. You are not an Apple man. You just live in the real world. ”I could not help but agree. I'm more of the body style than the lifestyle.

And that such an iPhone can be compared to the most sophisticated super sports bikes? I foresee a trend towards fun on a realistic basis. Just look at the current range of motorcycles. They often feel very retro again. Even the Kawasaki W-so much is back. That is very nice, not unnecessarily trendy or hi-tech and affordable. Because pleasure can be that simple.

If that trend continues, the manufacturer of the iPhones will still have a difficult time. And more and more classics from dust are coming back on the road.

Even now we can still drive. It's December 8, it feels like autumn. And there is still no pickling. In the meantime I just have an LG phone and a roadside assistance membership card. And go shopping on my Guzzi from 1991.


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  1. I have the bad habit of messing around with my smartphone if there is a malfunction. Both the hardware and software. Then I am always out of tune and everything has to happen quickly.
    On the other hand, I remember the pleasure I had with small jobs on my Honda CB750 KZ, the first version with the overhead camshaft. I experimented with more or less tension in the tires, the adjustable shock absorbers at the rear (if you had to take a lot of turns or take a passenger with them, you would put them harder, if you were only driving on the motorway you would soften them). And so on. It gave great satisfaction. Not only smartphones but also the modern engines do not allow you that pleasure.

  2. It is even great span weather; just get a breath of fresh air without blowing away and a quietly tumbling block to get your heart rate back to idle.

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