Renault 8 (Type S): a spirited Frenchman

Renault 8

Renault 8

As far as we are concerned, a psychologist does not have to look for an explanation as to why people can become so passionate about a classic car. At Jaap Noppert that is clear, he projects his beautiful Renault 8 to the time of his youth and growing family. 

By: Dirk de Jong

His work at Renault dealer Rosier in Leeuwarden was a happy time for him. A time when his interest in Renault slowly took shape. He can - now as a retirees - still translate that feeling and shows that through his special classic Renaults where we like to highlight the well-known 01-34-HX this time. 

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The Renault effect ...

This '50+' has been part of the Nopperts for more than 22 years. Logical that this also has an effect on the family. Both daughters drive in Renaults and father Jaap says: "An officer in the order of the Renaultologists". On the one hand because of the passion he radiates about his property and on the other about his other 'steel children' of the French brand. 

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The Renault 8 was a top model from the 60s, with which good business was done. He may have angular shapes, but the car was original. The glass surface could be described as large and at that time there were more models that were referred to as 'pontoons'. In the early years of the sixties that was certainly in fashion.

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Jaap's Renault 8 (Type S) looks very sporty, the bright yellow color and the rally version make it very desirable. Jaap has fond memories of his possession and it is difficult to put into words, it remains - certainly in our time - a special appearance that he will cherish for years to come. Unfortunately you see very little of this version. Fortunately, Jaap is helping to maintain this spicy Frenchman.

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